Monday, May 25, 2015

Official Fansite!

Hey Spies, it's Rosie, here with some BIG news! Woozworld Spies has just become an official fansite! I could not be more happy and this is because all of our bloggers, you guys are just amazing! <3 I want to thank all of our bloggers for working so hard and making this blog what it is, and i hope we can soon recruit more new bloggers x) Here is our badge:

Once again, thank you to all our bloggers, our readers, and Woozworld for checking us out <3 :)
Also, DON'T FORGET, you can always submit questions or suggestions to us! <3
Click HERE to submit suggestions,
and click HERE to ask questions (Which will be displayed on the FAQ's + Help page)
Until next time!
xoxo ~Rosie

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