Sunday, May 3, 2015

Private?!?!?!?!? / Woozen News

Well as you know (or maybe not) i posted a few time ago about OSXYosemite, and its hack about selling pets, and today i will tell you few things that i saw:

1.He did remove the "EXCLUSIVE ELEPHANTS" on the unitz title... I think he did because they know he is hacking about that.
2.He removed his hacked face.... but ppl still using it things that make me ask... it was only for that he dont get banned?
3.HE CHANGED THE UNITZ TO PRIVATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, so we can't see news about this theme
4.Now his unitz has #Filis... Will he sell Filis too? ....
                                                    This is all i got about this theme guys
                                                             BUT MORE SOON!
                                               Now i will say some things that are happen in ww
1.There is  "ww civil war" because they said Jaywooz is "racist", i think all that is false, even if they call me "white", but lets be honest, there play kids of 6 years old, you really think animators will be racist?, well that is my opinion, the leader of this movement (the most swag-yo) says all woozband are controled by a "white" girl, but then, why they are in max, jenny or mya events, and they are not kicked?, well thats my opinion, everyone has one of course.

2.PROM IS COMMING !!!!!!!!!, we can design the outfits, i really want a vintage design, it could be my dream :p, I wonder...  who will go with jenny to prom? tell me if your team #jax or #jack

3.A woozguide has got fired.... I actually dont want do mention the name for not to make problems, she is quitting because she got fired :/

                                                                This is all for today :)
                                             KEEP FAB UNICORN SPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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