Friday, May 15, 2015

Some New Things on Woozworld that nobody probably cares about! :D

Hey Spies! Pop here! And I just wanted to say a few things that have been recently changed/ updated to match the theme of upcoming events (-coughs-, Prom).

Well, this isn't exactly "Prom related", but yesterday, when the infamous MyaWooz posted in the Hot Topics about the "new" outfits, I was a bit surprised.

I'm kinda confuzzled, because the WNS Pop outfit had been in the Woozen's Choice before. Is it that popular? And to answer that rhetorical question, not anymore! :D

Instead of putting things in Shopz, (for whatever reason), they used the long forgotten Stylz Boutique to place the items, and you can now buy WNS Pop shorts for Wooz (one rare down!) D;

The other thing I wanted to mention is that they've added two new Eventz list, Jousting with Zackwooz (you can figure out the details if you scroll down to Sierra's post, shoutout to you!), and Prom Fashion Run with MyaWooz. 

Well Spies, one really good resource for info about W.W (besides this blog, of course,) is the News section, where every Friday, they inform you about what went on that week.

Cya Guys!


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