Friday, May 15, 2015

ZackWooz Hosts Woozlympics Jousting! #FirstJoustingWithZack

Hey Spies, and welcome to another post from your girly Sierra!
Today at 5 PM WT ZackWooz hosted a Jousting tournament instead of his usual "Truth or Tale"! (#FirstJoustingWithZack)
Here's how it was shown on Hot Topics today:
I managed to get in after 45 minutes of waiting and jousted with a few awesome players, it was fun to hang out with especially the WoozGuidez rebecca-angel and agentblue10 while waiting! (#MaidenKnightSierra)
I have so many pics guyssssssss.

And plus, apparently I won in my race, and became a maiden knight today!
Here's some event pics!

In the beginning, we did get into a little drama after one boy skipped and did not follow Zack's rules in not cutting others. Sadly, he was asked to leave the game and used race as if we were insulting him. Please note, guys, Animator games are not supposed to be like that, we're all trying to have a fun time! :)

If some of you were also there, let us know, and also, PROM IS COMING!
Don't forget to collect 100 Ballots, until next time woozens!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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