Sunday, January 31, 2016

Freedom & DIY Templates

Hey Spies X3. It's Chrissy! So, I am currently so happy because.. EXAMS ARE OVER *applause* :'D (Tbh I think I did pretty terrible on the Chem exam because I'm terrible at that subject om T-T). Now that I have freedom, I can freely blog to you guys XD. Anyways, today I was in the mood to make a fashion design for WoozWorld but I was like "But I don't have a template", so I decided to create one but and then a super duper amazing idea popped in my head, lets blog about this XD! Enough talking and lets move on to how to make a WoozWorld template for fashion designing!:

( If this doesn't turn out well: This is the first time I've done a template so don't judge me critics. ;-;)
Super easy and fun! So pretty much all you need for this is: A background, a WoozWorld made template, an editing software, and creativity!

Step 1: Get out the Woozworld template and put it on an editing software! 

Step 2: Fill In the template with the skin tone of your choice! (P.s I removed the arms so I can change the position) XD

3. Edit your template! Reposition the arms or legs and even add a hand gesture if you like. :3 

4. Now let your creativity flow! Do whatever you want with the template! Add a background, put a logo, add a face, do whatever you like because Its yours.

And there you go! Design with happiness with your own custom WoozWorld fashion template! Guess this ends our DIY tutorial but before I go I would like to dedicate this message to all the woozens who have just did the exams:
Good Luck xx!
I also hope you guys like my new sign off pic/edit that took me forever to make XD:

 (A Cookie Always Stays A Cookie ~Chrissy)

Chrissy the cookie signing off!

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