Saturday, May 2, 2015

#TypicalTopics: Another Design Contest!

Hey spies!
Sierra here for the Saturday posts. 
And welcome to another #TypicalTopics (well the first one, actually.) But I'll be tackling #TypicalTopics, #WooztasticTrends, and #FashionBoosters.
I'll be moving the fashion advisory to Wednesday for the Woozen Created Outfits..

#WooztasticTrends: Every Friday
#TypicalTopics: Every Saturday
#FashionBoosters: Every Wednesday

As we go on topic, we all know that Woozworld Prom has created the rave of typical conversations that some woozens want to release a bit.

Woozworld Prom is now coming, and we have your up to date into! For that my cool and awesome woozens, if you haven't checked your Hot Topics, MyaWooz has already announced our prom theme and ANOTHER woozen fashion contest!
Your 2015 Prom's Theme is A NEON RAVE!
So woozens, what are you waiting for?

(I might make some, but I don't really know yet..)

But it doesn't mean you can't!
Are you spies up to the fashion challenge to have your outfits prom-tactic for Woozworld's Prom?

Until Wednesday, everyone!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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