Sunday, October 4, 2015

My Intro Post

Hey, guys! It's Sarah, and today we're going to be talking about me! (Megan Woozworld, you know what I'm talking about. XD)

So I've noticed a few other trial bloggers doing "intro posts," and apparently I was supposed to do one, too. (Whoops!) While I don't want to be that cliche, I know that everyone loves hearing about me! (JK) Now, I don't want to tell you useless information about yours truly, so I am only going to list information about me that helps establish my character and tells you about my personality.

So, let's begin.

1. I am Megan Woozworld's sister.  That's why I referenced her at the beginning. If you see any weird references I make, she probably knows what they mean. Now, while I usually wouldn't tell the world that I'm Megan's sister, but I'm hoping to gain a little something from nepotism. (JK) Megan can deny it all she wants, but we have the same blood. She was the one who told me about Woozworld Spies, and is the reason why I'm here. So yay Megan!

2. I have been a Woozen for 4 years. I started Woozworld in 2011 and actually had my 4 year Woozaversary a few days ago. I have seen a lot of changes throughout my time in Woozworld, so I have a lot of perspective and insight that I can use in my blog posts.

3. I love GIFs. If you read my first post, you noticed I added a Gretchen Weiners GIF. (Confused as to why Gretchen Weiners was in my post? Go read it to find out.) I LOVE GIFs. They add an element of excitement to any conversation. I even have a GIF keyboard on my phone that provides me with on-the-spot GIFs. (It's amazing, go download it. This isn't sponsored, BTW.) GIFs are the best thing to happen to the world of digital communication since texting.

4. I am pretty honest with my opinions. I think every reporter (or spy) should have this trait, but unfortunately, some writers soften their opinions because they're afraid of offending people. But not me. If I have an opinion, you will know it. I won't intentionally try to offend people, and I don't think anyone should ever be offended by my posts, but just in case they are, I'm sorry.

5. I will always try and add jokes to my posts. I can't always say they will be funny, but my sarcastic wit should be enough to keep you from falling asleep on your keyboard and typing random qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq

Signing off, I'm SarahWooz: Trial Blogger.

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