Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ugh I forgot ;c + Bringing back Dear Jenny?

Hey Spies! Pop here! And I'm really sorry about not posting last night, I was tired and I was watching Pewdiepie play The Last of Us. (Amazing game, amirite?)

But anyways, in the Hot Topics, something caught my eye. It was the fact that Jenny was talking about one of her "Dear Jenny" posts!

It's not necessarily that they "brought it back", but the fact that more woozens were starting to submit their problems. I personally wouldn't want to explain my personal conflicts with all of Woozworld, (like 20 million+ people o.0) because I'm really insecure xD

By the way, guys, thanks so much for almost 14k views on Woozworld Spies! I know that all the bloggers are doing their best to inform you (without boring you to death ;D).

Cya next time!


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