Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yaaaaaaay :D

Hey spies Dark here :) :D
And today I will share my outfit that I will wear this coming Prom 2k15 
And here it is:

Yes its Pink xD and I think the fedora will match the outfit so I decided to wear it :D. Our family vacation was so much fun~ 
And when I checked the blog I saw the header and I noticed that I am the only male woozen there xD but its okay lol .
And the Wooziquettes for Woozens were in the Fansite Corner lastweek in WoozPaper YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! :D

It's the first time that my name is Featured in WoozWorld :D 

That's all for today guys~

Stay Sweet ~

PS: Proud Blogger here! :D

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