Sunday, May 24, 2015

What's "Hot" This Summer?

 Hey Spies, meganisawesome3 and I'm so glad to be up and blogging again, it's been such a long time!

 Awesome! It's summer! No school, vacations, and time to hang out with your buds'. But how can you make this summer, just a little different and more memorable than the others? Keep reading!!

 Now what's one thing that everyone loves about summer? The hot, warm weather, weather that's finally ready for shorts and flip flops. Something that I have, personally, always loved are the pre-ripped shorts that add a sense of casualty to your look and they're finally coming back into style! Yes! Let's also not forget about colorful shorts such as white, pink, and blue. Denim does not need to be an all year round thing. Something else that I love in the summer are flowing tanks. They're just so comfortable and cute! Even try something with a fun pattern that you would probably never of thought to try before. And also just because it's the summer time does not mean you can't wear long sleeves, just make sure that the material is thin. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GO OUTSIDE OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, HAVE FUN! I cannot stress that point enough! Summer is all about cute and casual looks that will keep you moving and cool in the hot heat.

 Let's talk activities to do! An obvious one is going to the pool. Everyone likes the opportunity to relax and cool down. Even see if you can go to a lake and knee board or tube with some friends or family. Trust me, you won't regret it. Another obvious one is going to get ice cream or a smoothie! Putting a cool food or drink down your throat may just help you get through the day... Anyone like Pitch Perfect? Well they're back, Pitches, get ready for some laughter because the Bellas are back! Grab a couple of friends and go see it, it's totally worth it. Grab some marshmallows and sleeping bags because you might want to try having a campfire and/or go camping! Roasting s'mores is always a fun summer activity and so is testing your worth in the great outdoors. There's nothing like listening to the crickets chirp you to sleep at night. Or the howls of wolves... ;)

Summer Essentials:

  • Sunscreen -- Protect your skin! Yes, tans are amazing but always make sure to use sunscreen.
  • Sunglasses -- Protect your eyes while still looking awesome.
  • FRIENDS -- What better way to get you through the summer. Do activities with them or just hang out.
  • No phone (okay, well maybe sometimes...) -- Try getting off your phone in the summer. The weather is beautiful and your options of what to do are endless!
 Once again, I'm so glad to be back and blogging for you, Spies! I hope these tips/ideas help you have a fun, successful, and safe summer.

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