Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Charmazing Charmaster Objectivez Quest

Hey Spies! It' Rosie, here with a guide to this quest! x3 

1) Let's get started by heading to the "Charmazing Party On Friday" unit!
2) Click this white podz and view the website it links to
Step 3) Click the blue and white chest to receive a free tree ^-^
Step 4) This will take some time xD Visit various Woozworld unitz and collect 200 charmazing symbz, there are many different types, so here's what some look like: (And these aren't all of them, I just wasn't able to take pictures of every single one xD)

As you collect the charms, you earn various achievements and sybmz for certain amounts of them:
50 Charms:

100 Charms:

200 Charms:

 Phew! We're finally done :'D Now we can get a little 'Treat' c; Head on over to the iDesignz unit and click the chest for four cool new Linkz, to make your own Charmazing unit ;D

Well that's all for now, cya later Spies!
xoxo ~Rosie
(New sign-off coming soon x3)

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