Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Saver Store Purchase + Objectivz Tutorial!

Hi there Spies, Sierra here!
While checking out the Woozworld Store, I found a new surprise added to the Goodz tab:
THIS IS NOT LOGAN'S SUMMER SOLSTICE. This one is a different type of objectivz, and inorder for you to play you MUST purchase it.

Once you have purchased it, the objectivz will look like this: 
And of course I'm not going to leave you behind in doing this, I'll be here to help you as well! :)

1. Woozarazzi
Apparently woozens are turning a bit glum since the Woozworld beaches are getting messy! Woozarazzi might know how to help, would he? You'll need to go to WoozNewz HQ (click the green button next to objectivz or search it up in Places), and while you're there you should probably know that we have a link to the blog there!

Woozarazzi will be standing near the brown computer desk... and it seems that he has gotten even bigger.. (loool)
If it seems more helpful, I also circled him in the unit since WoozNews HQ is very large.
You'll need to click him three times as this will count as "asking him questions"
However, Woozarazzi isn't any normal reporter, and has a lot of responses to give you... Which we all know him pretty well- he has a lot of gossip for his readers!
 But I think Woozarazzi noticed I kept asking him lots of questions, so there was his final response towards me:

2. Sunny Selfie
Apparently you're getting recruited to help save the Woozworld summer! However, they kinda need a picture of you!

You'll need the hairstyle: top of the wave with sunglasses
It is available in Shopz for 360 beex or 120 wooz.
And to be very honest.. The hair doesn't look good on me... X-X
After putting on the hair, take a picture using the camera icon, make sure it shows your pretty face!
(Or even do the swimmer move to go a bit vogue for summer!)

3. Summer Decorating

To do this task, you'll need to go to one of your Unitz and select from the edit menu (It will be the first icon on top right side at the left and select the Color Palette from the drop down menu (The color palette will be the fourth icon on the drop down)

You will then need to select two random colors from the color palette or by typing in a color code.

Before Unitz:
 After Unitz:

4. Summer Decorating 2.0
Now you'll need to add any type of Furniture to your new summer-themed unitz!
Open your inventory and go to the Furniture tab, from there select a random furniture item.
I selected the MaxWooz game podz.. Because I feel like for me it's a summer of gaming..! Well, of course I'm not gonna stay at home all the time, oops.

Now place the selected furniture item into the Unitz like so.

5. Friendly Visits
You will need three people from your Hot Friends to come join you to see your Unitz.
HOWEVER, there are two easier ways to do it to quicken time. And both ways only need ONE hot friend.
1. Leave your Unitz and come back, make sure your friend is still there!
2. Kindly ask your friend to come back and forth to the Unitz.. (Unless your BOYfriend is there and everytime he comes inside the Unitz he says he's a new person)

6. Voting Your Picks
You will need to give 6 votes in order for you to finish this task TO ANY PERSON.

7. Sun-Hating 
Apparently MaxWooz is getting accused of the Summer Bummer! You will need to search the Unitz "I Don't Like The Sun Basement" and go there.

From there, take a picture inside the Sun Basement.

8. More Basements

You will need to now search for another Unitz that involves a basement.
Search the places for "Library Basement"
Now, just like Woozarazzi, the dragon has a few hints for you to help find you your Summer Buster. Click the dragon three times as it will reply to you with some responses.
Could our summer buster be possibly Zeena.. again??

9. Evidence Sealed
Now you'll need to take another picture, this time in the Library Basement. I simply took it with the dragon, because he seems like a good model!

10. Summer Buster Busted
Well it's definitely not Zeena, but probably our old enemy.. 
Woozens, if you haven't been on any of the Woozband's Wallz, ZackWooz has been taken off their list. 
Search in Places for Zack's HQ, aka Von Klokz HQ. Simply go there.

Now there's simply a surprise on the floor, wonder what it is...
Wait.. Isn't that Jenny and Zack!?

Click on the picture and it will finish the Objectivz, where soon there will a new surprise on your side bar. (If it not there, you might need to refresh.)
Click on the picture on the sidebar.. Where there's even a huger surprise!
It's a letter from ZackWooz! And he's leaving Woozworld heartbroken. Poor Zack!

Congrats, you've finished the Objectivz and became a Summer Saver!
Refresh your WoozIn and you'll receive the Title, "Summer Saver", congratulations! You've saved Woozworld's Summer!

 Until next time, woozens!


  1. It will not let me find Zack's unit in the search, what do I do?

  2. Hm.. Have you bought the Summer Saver from Store? It may be exclusive... Also, maybe you should look on Zack's unit list :)