Friday, June 26, 2015

EVENTching: Charmazing!

Hey everyone, David here! And good news- I'm an official blogger! Which means:

  • more event coverage
  • more interviews
But anyways, today on Friday +MyaWooz hosted a very special Charmazing party, and it was CHARM-AMAZING! (Special thanks to SierraTooCool for taking pics and for me to post them, #YouRock #iMissYourHashtags)

Because we love to inform you guys very much, Sierra and I both attended the event TOGETHER. Yes, both of us didn't lose connection luckily and as much as I almost lagged her out we wore the same Charmazing Symbz, but me and her had lots of fun!
Soon at 5 PM Mya soon came to greet us all before introducing us to our special guest who decided to return back to Woozworld VIP-Mimi herself! (If it makes you feel better fi you always lose connection, both had to disappear by losing connection on accident, but they still returned no matter what!)

We were very glad to see Mimi again, but incase if any of you also want to get Mimi's awesome outfit (BUT IT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE!) check out the Glitches + Secrets tab on the Blog! (Note: You will need to make a new account in order to receive the prize.)

Mimi told us a few things about Style Me Up at the party, which everyone was excited to hear about the new things coming along the way, where she soon shared about music in Style Me Up.
Until some of us got a huge surprise...!
Style Me Up created an awesome music jam on behalf of Charmazing! If you want to check out the song itself go to the Charmazing Party Unit or Video Challenge unit, it's on green podz like this:
The large arrow pod is the link to the song, but however, the smaller pod is the song in lyric form, isn't that cool woozens?!
Soon after we all seemed to comment about the great song, Mya and Mimi took the time to take selfies.
(When Mya arrived to us she accidentally stood on top of Sierra.. LOL, but Sierra moved to clear space for Mya, but it was kinda funny actually.)

Soon the party was coming to a close..
 And Mya spoke for all of us, it was nice seeing her again.
But don't worry, we closed with some group pictures! 
Speaking of music videos, Woozworld also released a Charmazing Music Video Challenge, make a music video with some of your friends based on the Charmazing song!

Until next time, guys! Peace!
Thanks for listening!


  1. My friend showed me the website WoozWorld should i join xo