Friday, June 26, 2015

FreeStyle Winners :)

Hey guys, I'm back for a little! Today, I'm going to post about Jay's Freestyle/Poetry event he hosted yesterday.

The theme of the Freestyle/Poetry was #different2gether. 

A quick summary of different2gether is: Different2gether is a time that we respect and tolerance we deserve. We’re calling this movement different2gether, a celebration of Woozens’ uniqueness. -Woozworld's meaning. Bascially it's for people to respect those who are LGBTQ. Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Transgender, and Queer. 

Back to the event, Jay did the Freestyle/Poetry contest. There was a tie for the winner spot. The winners ended up being:

Dangerous-Beauty and MawaddaElbanhawy (Maddy)!

Here's the picture Jay took of the winners with him.

MawaddaElbanhawy, also known as Maddy, is lesbian. She is dating one of my best friends; LittleCupquake (Cuppy). Anyway, she also posted the poem she said. It was based off her friend Zach, which I believe was Cyndaquil49. Her poem is on her wall: It was: "I got my rhyme ready, my heartbeat steady, they can say what they wanna say, i worked hard everyday buy you underestimated me for being gay, i'm making my way, and i'll know i'll be ok." -Maddy

I don't have any information about Dangerous-Beauty (SORRY DX) but, I heard that it was a very nice poem. 

Stay tooned, I'll be back!

Quote of the Day: "Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. " -Bruce Lee

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