Tuesday, June 2, 2015

#FashionBoosters: Exclusive VIP Style Scoop!

Hey Spies, Sierra here for a very exclusive #FashionBooster, VIP edition!

Today on June 2nd, +MyaWooz and +JayWooz hosted an exclusive VIP Style Scoop just for VIP members to get an exclusive look for the new outfits just in time for summer! 
(Am I saying exclusive too much??)
Here was the WoozIn link:

I enjoyed the new term Mya made of "Fashionista" for boys... #ClassyMya
Many VIPs (Including yours truly!) showed to the event and got some pretty interesting results!

Here were the following outfits that were shown to VIPs who attended!
Girl Outfits (Modeled By MyaWooz)
 In my opinion, this will be JennyWooz's outfit this week! It shows a more flowy style just for her! The hair and crop top, oh my! This cute style is definitely for our fun loving girl right here!

And I do believe this will be Mya's! Many are comparing this to Coachella 2015, so why not?! #Coachella2K15 This outfit describes Mya so perfectly, not to mention the amazing flower crown! #FlowerQueen!

Boy Outfits (Modeled By JayWooz) 

This will definitely and probably be MaxWooz's. Shady and mysterious for a man like him, Max would be definitely enjoying the striped shirt! Not to mention in many past styles of MaxWooz, seemingly he would be the one rocking the shades!

AND WE ALL KNOW JAY IS GONNA WEAR THIS ONE. IT IS SO NOT OBVIOUS! JayWooz, our awesome Sports and Recreation and Rapping Freestyler definitely would really wear the tank! It's really obvious when you get to know each animator's personality!

Mya and Jay also told they were bringing back many old styles, one of them included Hip Hottie, not to mention Blossom Beauty! These two were definitely my past favorites! I simply cannot wait to see them again dear Spies!

And update on my sick fever, still happening. 
That's all for #FashionBoosters! Stay tuned for #CoffeeTalkWithSierra!

Until next time guys!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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