Tuesday, June 2, 2015

VIP Style Scoop -Exclusive Outfits -Sneak Preview!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie and I have coverage of the VIP event for all of you! ;) let's get started with Mya's Post:
And right on time...
The Fashion Queen arrives xD
Mya's gonna be talking to us about the new outfits coming out this Thursday! x)
I'll show you some pictures of what happened in order x)
(Once again coming out this Thursday)
Time to welcome the other host...
And now to the part that everyone was waiting for xD The outfits!
First outfit up is Summerfree! 
Hair; Summerfree Windswept Hair
Top: Summerfree Halter Top
Wow, this is adorable! Look at that detail on the top! Amazing! <3 This will definitely be popular among the girls xD The hair looks a bit similar to something from the past, but regardless, it's goes very well with this top! x)

Second is.. Summerflare!
Hair: Summerflare Hair With Sunglasses
Top: Summerflare Tri-Color T-Shirt
Ooh! I don't know boy's fashion very well, but this seems nice! xD The hair may not be too too popular, but I like the shirt, casual and simple!
Third is... Summerfest!
Hair: Summerfest Daisy Chain
Top: Summerfest Dress With Plaid Shirt
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! <3 This top is to casual and perfect and the hair is messy yet beautiful xD It's just amazing! <3
And finally, we have... Summerfrseh!
Hair: Summerfresh Fedora
Top: Summerfresh Jersey
In my opinion, it's a nice outfit, but a fedora is more formal and a jersey is more casual xD Not saying it can't work, just an interesting choice!
The next topic was Woozen's Choice!
However.. there is a catch, same one with Fashion Friday x_x
Get that guys? No Deadmau5, Bratz, Seasonal Items, and also no Exclusive Items like Filis or Evalis!
Here was a list they came up with judging on what people said:
And then...
Time Keeperz? xD Who knows!

Remember, if you use any of these pictures, give Woozworld Spies credit! And I don't know about you guys, but I CAN'T WAIT for the new outfits after seeing this! xD

Until next time x)
xoxo ~Rosie

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