Wednesday, June 17, 2015

#FashionBoosters: VIP Style Scoop #3!

Hello Spies, and welcome to another #FashionBoosters with me, Sierra!
Today on Wednesday at 3:00 WT, MyaWooz hosted another and third VIP Style Scoop.
Again, Mya went solo again and modeled 2 new boy outfits and 2 new girl outfits.

Again, I went to the event to represent Woozworld Spies, so let's go to the cute little fashion!
As always, I will be revealing you the outfits and also predicting who would wear them.

Maywood started the show with a great introduction and some pizza, (lool), but this time we started with a boy's outfit then went girl-boy-girl pattern like.

Outfit 1: Aweighsome Outfit
Hair: Aweighsome Shades
Top: Aweighsome Zippered V-Neck
Pants: Aweighsome Anchor Shorts
Shoes: Aweighsome Slippers

This outfit has an interesting combination to it, as it shows a bit of stripes in the slippers but some cute anchor designs for the shorts! This is a patterned feel along with the cooling shades for a cool summer day! And who do I feel deserves this great outfit? JayWooz, of course! Jay can definitely chill with this amazing look, not bad for a v-neck to chill that guy off!

Outfit 2: TotallyTubular Outfit
Hair: TotallyTubular Messy Bun
Top: TotallyTubular Bandeau & Sheer Top
Pants: TotallyTubular Denim & Lace Shorts
Shoes: TotallyTubular Platforms

This outfit is just that one moment (okay, a lot of moments) when you feel those lazy summer days and just want to head out and spend time with friends! This is definitely the outfit for you then! A loose little tank top seems to be brightening your summer, and let's not forget about the Lace Shorts! Lace shorts are one of the top trends of summer! This is definitely our Fashion Queen Mya's look, the outfit and flowy designs seems to just be the look for her!

Outfit 3: Rawdacious Outfit
Hair: Rawdacious Messy Faux Hair
Top: Rawdacious T-Shirt & Vest
Pants: Rawdacious Ripped Jeans
Shoes: Rawdacious Slip-Ons

This outfit seems to show off a person's best way to take some steam off. Whether it's slacking off on the couch or running wild outside, this outfit seems perfect for those situations. In my opinion, this gives out a cool edgy rebellious look. Max is definitely a win-win when coming to wear this outfit, with his fun gaming style and based off the upcoming movie "Mad Max" (just kidding, noooo) Max is the guy fit for this outfit! And in our little minds, we do really believe he's gonna wear this. Why? Let's just say Mya put a little saying into that:
Yup, typical Mya always thinking of Jay! #Jya

And last but not least
Outfit 4: Swiftastic Outfit
Hair: Swiftastic Ponytail & Sunglasses
Top/Dress: Swiftastic Peekaboo Dress
Skirt: Swiftastic Skirt
Shoes: Swiftastic Kitten Sandals

Woozens, based on the very cute title, it seems to as if we are referring this outfit inspired by one of the fashionable pop stars Taylor Swift! Yes, as in the following photo right beside is showing one of Taylor's usual looks of her classic Swift ponytail, earrings, and sunglasses. Isn't it adorable? Not to mention Taylor's classic red lipstick, I just love Taylor's classic 1989 Style! We do believe that Jenny will be probably wearing this outfit, and we do have a few reasons why she may be wearing this outfit as so! Not only that this outfit seems flowy and young for our cute-loving stuff animator, it seems to be just right! Remember last WNS when Mya, Jay, Max, and Jenny competed to see who would rank the highest in the Woozworld Billboard Charts? Jenny chose the Country music brand and renamed herself as Jenny SwiftCoincidence? So we could be really seeing Jenny as the cutest most summery Swifties!

Mya concluded the show with lots of fashionable selfies before heading on to the BeMe event, yes to BeMe!

Until next time, woozens! Stay fashionable!

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."
x - New Sign Off Pic Soon! - x

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