Thursday, June 18, 2015

Logan's Solstice Guide

Hey Spies, it's Rosie here to give you a full guide of Logan's Solstice Objectivez Quest! :D

Step 1) Open your objectivez and simply click the green globe to get to the Woozmas Beach

Step 2) Once again, open your objectivez and simply click the green globe to get to where you need to go ;P This time it takes you to the unit called Surf Paradise!

 Step 3) Open your objectivez and click the green globe to be sent to the Ice Queen's Castle, and click the transporter like in the picture to talk to her! She'll have some monologue, and then you need to click the transporter again to go back.
And that's when you return to the Ice Queen's Palace ;o

Step 4) Look around various unitz for 20 little suns like these ^-^
It shouldn't take too long xD Try unitz with at least 3 people, but not too many people ;P

Step 5) Open objectivez again to go back to the Surf Paradise unit.

Step 6) Click the portal and you get to help Logan clean the beach ;P Well, it's mostly just us while she sneezes xD
All you do is click the slime (: Shouldn't take more than five minutes to click all of it xD 
And now, you head back through the transporter ;o 
Now you're back at Surf Paradise!
Step 7) Now, you must click the green globe again xD This time, you go to the Woozworld Beach unitz

Step 8) Click on the nearby teleporter and help Logan clean up the slime by clicking it.
Oh no ;_;
Once you're done cleaning up all the slime, click the telporter to head back to the beach!

Step 9) Click the green globe once again to be sent to Logan's beach.

Step 10) Once again click the teleporter to help Logan clean up the beach!
Poor Logan ;c It's no fun being sick x_x
Once you're done, you have to... you guessed it... go back through the teleporter1
BUT WAIT, guess who interrupts this party?
And now we know who was behind it the whole time ;c
Head back through the teleporter

Step 11) After that lovely conversation, you can head back to the beach and you need to say "Summer Rocks" in chat (It can be anywhere in any unit XD)

Refresh to get this achievement

And you are DONE! ;D Hope I helped x)
Until next time! x) 
xoxo ~Rosie
New Sign-off Coming Soon!

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