Wednesday, June 24, 2015

#FashionBoosters: VIP Style Scoop #4!

Hello Spies, and welcome to another edition of #FashionBoosters with me, Sierra!
Today at 11 AM WT Mya hosted another VIP Style Scoop, and again I decided to take full coverage, it was really fun actually!
This week's outfits are Woozen created designs, and boy, they were all pretty amazing!

Again, I had to wait before getting out of queue and meeting Mya face-to-face.. LOL, but VIP Style Scoop was awesome to see her again!

Today again Mya was alone, no Jay, no Max, no Jenny! I asked Mya if she was getting used to dressing for guys, and she simply answered happily:
We had pizza from Woozguide @Cupcake37 not to mention doughnuts and lasagna from others while Mya changed into her outfits, but speaking of outfits let's start off with the cute fashion, shall we? MyaWooz started off with boy outfits, in her usual Boy-Girl-Boy-Girl pattern, classic Mya!

Please note that this time outfits WILL NOT be in Shopz but only in Store as I had asked Mya today.
Like always, I will post the outfit, outfit items, and my predictions on which Woozband would wear the outfit.

Outfit 1: Arizonawe Outfit by Tunere
(Woozen from the Portuguese community)
Hair: Arizonawe Hat & Shades by Tunere
Top: Arizonawe Skull Tank by Tunere
Shorts: Arizonawe Shorts by Tunere
Shoes: Arizonawe Sneakers by Tunere

This week's boys' outfits are very had to predict because both boys can pull this off, but Tunere seemed to perfect MaxWooz's personality perfectly, making this especially a type Max would probably wear due to the Skull tank top! Max with hats and shades makes him a pretty cool dude for the summer, after all he IS Max (Aka Jack Skellington c:) but Tunere's designs with the two-toned shorts are awesome, great job Tunere!

Outfit 2: Surfradical Outfit by -Kitten--
(Woozen from English community)
Hair: Surfradical Messy Hair by -Kitten--
Top: Surfradical Top by -Kitten--
Shorts: Surfradical Shorts by -Kitten--
Shoes: Surfradical Sandals by -Kitten--

Surfradical, in my opinion, would definitely be a type of outfit Logan would name herself, right? I believe this is a total JayWooz-all-out outfit because the amazing print on the top, shorts, and sandals seems to compliment him, not to mention the messy beach hair! Now, what I like about this outfit is the anklet, and I bet Jay would want to definitely jam out to summer tunes with some cool anklets and walks on the beach! Great job with the design, -Kitten--!

Outfit 3: BestOverall Outfit by HinamoriAmuBest
(Woozen from French community)
Hair: BestOverall Hair by HinamoriAmuBest
Top: BestOverall Top by HinamoriAmuBest
Shorts: BestOverall Shorts by HinamoriAmuBest
Shoes: BestOverall Sandals by HinamoriAmuBest

This outfit is the cutest thing ever, as Mya and other woozens related this to an Anime-Inspired design, not to mention the very cute username! But speaking of cuteness, Jenny would definitely wear this outfit! Overalls are one of the cutest things in summer, and how the cute ponytail looks and the criss-crossed sandals make this a win-win summer look! I'm very excited to see Jenny be in this, these are very cute styles. Amazing style, HinamoriAmuBest!

Outfit 4: Floralful Outfit by MakaylaMya (Lool, "Mya")
(Woozen from Portuguese community)

Hair: Floralful Bandana by MakaylaMya
Dress: Floralful Dress by MakaylaMya
Skirt: Floralful Skirt by MakaylaMya
Shoes: Floralful Wedges by MakaylaMya

MakaylaMya perfected Floral looks just for our fashionista MyaWooz! Not only I'm comparing the "Mya" in this Portuguese designer's username, but how this outfit is created! The messy ponytail wrapped with a very fashionable bandana compliments the dress perfectly, and it's amazing! The patterns are what I love especially, this outfit is an amazing look and touch on a dream just for summer, this summer is getting cuter and cooler with floral print! Amazing design MakaylaMya, this outfit is certainly one of my favorites!

After modeling outfits, Mya admitted that the Portuguese community certainly took the Summer design contest by storm, and I don't blame her!
But Mya didn't forget about the other designers out there, as each designer of Woozworld, without you guys, some of us can't reach greater heights, especially Mya!

Mya ended the show with a huge group selfie and blown kisses to everyone, what a great showcase today, one of my favorites in my opinion!

Like MyaWooz always says, "Stay stylish xx"
Stay tuned tomorrow to see the outfits in Store!

Until next time, woozens!
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