Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Im Back :D and ready to blog, #SneakPeak2k15

                          Hey Spies!:D Im Back , Sydney Remeber me? :D YourPerfect-
Well Today im gonna explain why i wasn't blogging. Well basically i had exams and family issues, that id rather not explain that part but yea im gonna be featuring the new outfit's pictures!!:D im absolutely in love with them <<<3 and then next timem i post ill be doing my real topic maybe this is apart of the idea?;o so yea basically im continuing :D Pictures will be below enjoy :D ;3 ;D

Boy outfit #1 :D I Really Like The Style Maybe not the hair lol What's Your Opinion?:D
Boy Outfit #2 This Is better I Think Then the first Don't Ya Think? <3
Gal Outfit #1 This is my favorite maybe its the jumper that has me like flawless ;;o :D lol
Gal Outfit #2 The Floral is so chic i just don't think i could wear it best, hm maybe.. Idk x'D
Well That's All For Today i hope you enjoyed seeing them a day before hand to know whether to make plans for it all the outfit's i actually really like, i wish i can purchase them all but i dont know if im able to even purchase one D: so Sydney is out for today still gonna make a new edit i forgot to Dx.
xoxoxo-Sydney or wait ;o xoxoxo-Syd Struggles lool But hope You Enjoyed stay spying on the info <3

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