Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#FashionBoosters: VIP Style Scoop #5!

Hey guys, and welcome to another #FashionBoosters with me, Sierra! 

Happy last day of June by the way, or if it's already July or not last day of June for you guys- okay! xx

Today around 2:00PM WT MyaWooz hosted another VIP Style Scoop to show the upcoming July fashion!
I decided to hang out in queue this time, but still got amazing results whether or not in or out of queue- IT'S STYLE SCOOP!! :))

Mya greeted everyone as always by the time 2:00 PM stroke.
She asked everyone how they were doing, and then some asked her back how she was doing. She answered us and said she was very excited to share some outfits as well!
HOWEVER, this week the new outfits will not be released, as it will be a "LAST CHANCE FOR JUNE OUTFITS" sale. But the new outfits will be released earlier next week instead of normal Thursdays!
This week Mya started off with girl outfits, but this week is only 2 girl outfits and 1 boy outfit. 
As always, I will post the outfit, items, and also the animator that may wear it.

These outfits will be again Store-exclusive.

Outfit 1: Julyette Outfit

Hair: Julyette Hair
Dress: Julyette Dress
Skirt: Julyette Skirt
Shoes: Julyette Flats

I believe this outfit with the perfect curls and cute little flats would be perfect for Jenny, one of our cute-loving animators! With the breezy simply dress with the simplest flats, this a perfect win-win right here! This outfit is one of those simply yet dressy days where summer is coming to a end fast, meaning better snag all the right moments now with the cute free days!

Now, before I present the boy's outfit, Mya did not model the boy's outfit this week... instead..
...MaxWooz did!

Outfit 2: Julyan Outfit

Hair: Julyan Hair
Top: Julyan V-Neck & Shirt
Shorts: Julyan Shorts
Shoes: Julyan Sneakers

Based on today's boy model, there's no doubt Max will probably be wearing this outfit for next week. The breezy v-neck with an extra shirt is a good July summer choice, not to mention the sneakers! The sneakers seem to make it right for a breezy day and fun in the sun for summer! Max seems to make this outfit even more summery, as for Jay's outfit.. We don't even know, probably wearing the same as Max? ;)

And soon Max asked this question:
Of course, Max.. You are sooooo werking it, woo!

Outfit 3: Julyana Outfit

Hair: Julyana Side Ponytail
Top: Julyana Peter Pan Tank
Shorts: Julyana Eyelet Shorts
Shoes: Julyana Wedges

This is a definite win-win for MyaWooz! A breezy lazy side ponytail and the cute peter pan tank is absolutely what makes this outfit comes alive! I love the tank and hair the most when it comes to this outfit! The summer isn't gonna be over with all these cute little styles going on right now! Make your summer right, and breeze by it besides looking cute!

Mya and Max ended the show with selfies, but as always..
"Stay stylish! xx"

Well that's all for #FashionBoosters today, thanks for listening everyone!

Until next time, woozens!
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