Monday, June 15, 2015

Interview With SOTW Winner Mickefav!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another interview with me, David!
Today was SOTW day with Mya, and this week's theme was rainbow, but this time, woozen-styled! #StylishSunday
This week's rainbow-tactic woozen mickefav impressed the judges with her style and was crowned this week's SOTW! Congratulations, Micke!
Some of you may or may not really know Micke and plus have been asking for more interviews from me, so I decided to ask Micke a few questions, luckily she agreed to!
(mickefav is on the left side of this)

Here was our awesome interview!

Me = Black Font
Micke = RED FONT

Me: To start off our interview, I would like to say congrats to you Micke! How's it like being our SOTW?
Micke: I feel amazing, happy, and in shock! I think about it every 5 minutes. XD
Me: Well that's certainly some happiness right there! We all saw your outfit at SOTW, how did you come up with an outfit like that?!
Micke: I didn't exactly know what to wear, but when I found that dress, I had to buy it! I thought: Red, red is the first colour of the rainbow, so I went with a red dress. For my hair, well, I figured it would go cute with the dress. So I wore it.
Me: That sounds pretty amazing, how did Mya and the judges react to it?
Micke: Mya loved it! One judge actually gave me a 10! I was stunned.
Me: That's pretty great, everyone loves it when you get a 10! How did you feel about the others who placed before you?
Micke: I didn't think I'd place first. A lot of people were very colourful. XD
Me: Yes, indeed! Do you have any words for people trying to become the next SOTW?
Micke: Well, confidence is the key, without that, what do you have? Never stop trying, you'll get there!
Me: Amazing words of advice right there! Now, some woozens are now asking, "What's next for Micke?" What are you planning to do now that you've won?
Micke: I haven't really decided yet, but there's a lot of stuff in plan for me :)
Me: Thank you for joining us again, Micke! Any last words?
Micke: Thanks for having me, stay stylish! :)

And that was our interview guys, see you guys later!
Thanks for listening!

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