Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer fashion tips + Wacky Wednesday + Giant and #MoreHashtagPosts ?o.o

Hey guys Dark here xD
as you can see I didn't post for ages 
because I dont have something to brag about xD 
Btw , lets start with the giant :D
So I was wandering in wzw until I finally came in a trade center and then a giant just popped up xD okay here is the pic :)

Idk if it is a Spellz or something but this is  the #FirstTime i saw a #Giant in #WoozWorld x)

Okay moving on is the Wacky Wednesday . 

The Wacky Wednesday for this week are faces . The Angry Face and Excitement for boys and girls :D so grab it while you can :) 

Okay soooooooo going on to #MoreHashtagPosts xD
As you can see guys Itching and Sierra are posting with Hashtags xD and I found it way too funny and cute soooo way to go Sierra x) xD #KeepUpTheGoodWork lol xD

okay so for the summer fashion , I highly recommend wearing light and pastel colors :) like orange,light blue,lime green etc. like the outfit im wearing right now x)
(It's in my sign off photo)

So that's all for today guys 
~Stay Sweet~ 

PS: I'm making summer outfits to share to you guys xx

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