Saturday, June 13, 2015

Trail Blogger + Outfit Ratings 

Hello :-)) This week, I'm the new trail blogger, Milky. Today is my first time posting, so I'm a bit confused. But hopefully, It'll run down smoothly. 

Let's get moving shall we? So, new outfits came in. Don't know how you feel about them? Well, Here's My personal rating and opinion about them! 

                                        Breeziful outfit

   Braid: 10/10
Personally I really
like this braid. It
doesn't seem to be 
based off an another

    Dress: 7/10
For me, the dress seems
plain and is based off
those one-piece outfit
that people would always 
                                              Skirt: 4/10
                                         The skirt seems to be 
                                         very similar to other 

                                          Shoe: 3/10
                                       Just like the skirt,
                                      the shoes seem to be
                                   based off other designs
                                      along Woozworld.  

                                 Cactough outfit

  .                                     Hair: 6/10
                                 Again, I feel like it's 
                                   based off another hair, 
                                 but it still give you  stylish
                                        Shirt: 10/10
                                I love the cactus design
                             on the shirt. It just lets you 
                            look goofy has you want but
                                     still look cool. 

                                   Shorts: 8/10
                           Because in Woozworld, there
                           is not a lot of stylish shorts that
                            boys can still look cool in. 

                                        Shoes: 3/10
                       Of course, its copying off the
                       rainbow sneakers in ZeChic.
                     But I still think that you can wear
                       it with any kind of outfit you have.

Well, The other 2 outfits are Woozen choice outfit that we already know. I guess that's all I have for today. Please look forward to my other 2 post within the week. :-)) Next time I'll be here with an interesting scoop! ;-))
(No picture to show sorry t_T)

Woozworld Username: Milky-

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