Saturday, June 13, 2015

#WooztasticTrends: Mya's Late Night Show Coverage, Featuring Itching!

Hello Spies, and welcome to another #WooztasticTrends with me, Sierra!
As you all know on Friday, June 12, Mya had finally reopened back up her late night show- it's been forever since we've seen the show happen!

I tried to get into the show but unfortunately I kept losing connection, and plus I went to WOTW hosted by JennyWooz, but luckily one of our future team members Itching was there to represent our blog! Woohoo, go David!
Luckily I took some photos, and it seemed like we weren't the only ones oh-so-very happy to see Mya and the old Mya's Late Show unit.. I completely forgot how things would run here!

However, inorder for you'd to be able to watch the show, you had to wear the #Different2Gether Symbz which is 200 beex in Shopz. If you didn't have the Symbz worn the unitz would tell you a message of "locked!" Making you think that we were locking you out, it's just that you needed the Symbz, that's all!
Mya spoke about the Symbz a little deeper, which it kinda took a lot of woozens to fall in love about it, my heart melted a little just hearing how she explained about this amazing Symbz and the story behind it! Here were some photos from the show when Mya started it off.
I do have more, I MEAN LOTS MORE.

Even at one moment our own fashion queen can get some lag!
Mya made sure we all know more about the Symbz then we actually think about it, I found it quite intriguing. 

Later on during the show, Mya let up 5 different people to share their stories related to the event, including our very own Itching (David)! After the show, David told me that he certainly had a lot of fun over there, and if you want to know what else happened during our small chat go check out his latest trial blogger post! :)
However, when it was someone else's turn, our own trial blogger can easily let his fun loving character into a huge flop while being on the app, but luckily Mya let him slide, silly David!
It's not like everyone will know that's David..
I take that back, everyone will know it's David.

Mya ended the show with some great group pics and I lost connection unfortunately.. But I did catch David finding himself in a very loving soft-side situation.. AWHHH!! #SoftSidedDavid2k15

I certainly enjoyed Late Night, and I hope you did too! There were many good times, and I thank Itching for reluctantly agreeing to watch it "with" me although I didn't get to make it.. But still, it's good that we had a really funny dude like him to come and see the show! XD

Until next time, guys!
Also, hopefully I'll see you at SOTW.. If I don't lose connection DX

XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."
x - New Sign Off Pic Soon! - x

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