Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I'm Back and Ready! :)

                             Hey Spies!:);D i'm so happy to actually post
it's been quite a long round without posting, i broke my leg :(
but i'm okay now ;3 so how is everyone liking this weeks outfit's?
i had to buy one!!!:O so fabulous <3 hm people really know how to mix things <3 unfortunatley i have not been caught up with this ZackWooz Quest's i didn't quite understand it because of being on app all the time xC (sorry im hopping around quick on topics) so yeah trying to get filled in on as much as possible x3 okay so this week i'm actually gonna try and do eventz (Goal: to get woozband members to add me) but since im not vip i cannot  attend tomorrow's event ;;C and yes it's really hard to go to eventz due to being a non vip. :( so yeah, i have limited of time to post today, going to my family's get together x) i'm so mixed up today x( because i would love to sit here and keep blogging but i'm being timed xO (..::::Struggles:::...) Working on an edit yes i will be showing it today hopefully trying to do last minute touch <3
 okay so this is the edit that's incomplete i was looking through my files :( and someone deleted it :C so this is what will have to do for today spies :C like i failed on the wink. x'O it was suppose to be something its not whats on the outside its whats in your heart that was gonna be the quote D: but i failed :X and im being rushed right now so that's all for today my precious spies :) Sydney is out omg i'm still with this i don't know what to put kinda thing !:C So Syd~ is out xoxox~ syd

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  1. hi im new to blogger i really need help its it lol it you find anytime please comment back and mabey a video or something idk to help me thank you for your time to read this -oliviasweethea (my woozin name)