Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Top 5 Things I Missed

Hey Spies! Menguin here, i know, IM BACK!

First off i wanted to let you know why i havent posted since my trial blog posts. In the beginning it took a bit to get everything organized with me joining, which pretty much means that woozworld kept blocking my messages to Rosie. Thennnnn I was away for a little more than a week on lacrosse related business.But now since my excuses are done, LET'S GET TO THE POST!!!!

Today's post is another top 5, my current post obsession to be honest. Im going to be talking about the top 5 things i missed about woozworld while i was gone.

1. I missed out on the eventz! I couldnt attend any events, like fashion sneak peaks or SOTW or even iDesignz. With missing all of that i felt really behind on information when I got back. Also I couldn't see all of the funky Friday stuff when thy came out, even though funky Friday is like my favorite :(.

2. I missed hanging out with my internet friends! Although I was having a blast while I was away, I missed talking to my friends of whom I talked to almost every day. With some drama going on last week, I wasn't able to comfort one of my best internet friends because she is RIGHT in the middle of it, it made me sad.

3. I missed posting for you, spies! Although it is sometimes hard to come up with ideas to post about, while I was away I felt like I was bursting with ideas that I couldn't post! Now I cant wait to post a TON with all of my ideas in my head!

4. I missed like almost all of the finding ZackWooz quest. When it first started I was in packing mode, then i went away. I knew about the quest, but now I'm in like a mad rush to finish the quests! Side note: Its definitely one of my favorite quests.

5. I missed just playing games inside of woozworld! I dont know if you know this, but I love playing theme games just for fun, even if i know I'm not going to win. I obviously also LOVE mazes, and helping meganisawesome3 run her maze. I am a very competitive person, so any competition game you have going on, count me in.

That's all for now, Spies!
" Cooks cook cupcakes quickly"

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