Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Make Your Own Woozworld Summer Bucket List!

Hey Spies, Sierra AND David here!
(Yes, we are collaborating.. And that for both of us, it's been pretty long since we've posted!) 

As some of you may or may not know, summer is soon ending and as we all are currently running around to chase ZackWooz on his adventure around the world, (I call it the Awoozing Zack -David) it is soon going to be August, where school bells will be ringing one more time! So in order for you guys to start planning what else to do in your free time on Woozworld, we're gonna help you create your own Woozworld Bucket List! I know this might seem a bit confusing, but we can answer your questions on this activity challenge!

What's a Woozworld Summer Bucket List?
A Woozworld Summer Bucket List is sorta like any bucket list. A bucket list is things you want to do before a certain day arrives, for example, New Year's Day. HOWEVER, as summer is almost over in both Woozworld and reality, might as well create things you can do in Woozworld with your summer free time before your first day of school begins!

How did the idea of this summer bucket list happen?
We both created this trend right after SOTW's Japan Fashion Show, David (being the normal David he is) told me that his mom kept bugging him about the first day of school coming up pretty fast for him, soon saying he needed to find someway to spend his time wisely on Woozworld. And so voila, a bucket list activity formed.

Creating Your Woozworld Bucket List
Now, to create your Woozworld Bucket List, think of a few things you want to happen to your woozen. For example, you really want to add your favorite Woozworld animator, like JayWooz (for Sierra) or MyaWooz (for David.. even though we both already have them.) Or even you want to try and enter Jenny's Video Challenges for the first time, but you have lots more activities you also want to do on Woozworld, just you can't decide which ones to do! This is where the bucket list comes in. IT'S JUST A SIMPLE THREE STEP THING TO DO YOUR SUMMER BUCKET LIST.

  1. Write up AT LEAST 5 THINGS YOU WANT TO DO MOSTLY ON WOOZWORLD. Get a pen and a paper, or even type your bucket list! You can write more than five, and it can be anything you want to do mostly on Woozworld, like take 1,000 pictures for your WoozIn Albumz (you'll need lots of energy for that..) or even get 1,000 friends (#David'sGoal2K15) on your friends' list! 
  2. Set the date until YOUR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Yes, it might be a little bit of time in between but I'm pretty sure you can get it done! The reason we call it a Woozworld Summer Bucket List is because it's supposed to be done before the end of summer.. Which is soon.
  3. Start doing your goals! Once you are done with your bucket list, do your activities on it! Every time you finish a goal, cross it out and move on to the next! You can do your goals in any way or any time when you like, we're excited to see if you'll get to join us in this short activity challenge!
Examples of Woozworld Bucket Lists
If you still don't quite understand the bucket list a little, we both have created our Summer Bucket Lists and already completed a few goals!

Sierra's Bucket List:
- Enter the iDesignz Unitz Design Contest for the first time!
- Reach 3,000 friends (The more the merrier?)
- Decorate three new Unitz
- Open the Sierra boutique!!
- Become a SOTW/Place 3rd or 2nd
- Win an iDesignz contest
- Enter Video Challenge!
- Co-host with Jack Skellington (Max)
- Place Top Ten Gourmet Chefs

David's Bucket List:
- Get 1,000 friends
- Take 1,000 picture in WoozIn Albumz
- Place Top Ten Gourmet Foodies
- Find new color code
- SAVE MY BEEX TO GET TO 10K! (2,045 beex at the moment)
- Add the whole Woozband (Just Max and Jay needed)
- Become WOTW/SOTW
- Learn to decorate Unitz
- Get some more "rare" clothing

And that's our bucket lists, if you want to also participate in the challenge/activity let us know in the chatbox or comment your bucket lists, good luck to all of you in completing them!

See you guys, stay cute! (AND THANKS FOR LISTENING!)

-SierraTooCool AND Itching
"I borrowed more stuff from your WoozIn, Sierra..." -Itching, 2015

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