Friday, July 31, 2015

Where In The World Is Zack + Idesignz

Hey guy's! It's princess. So a lot of stuff has been going on around WoozWorld lately. If you haven't been online in a while and your wondering why ZackWooz disappeared from the Woozband's friend list well the truth is ZackWooz himself disappeared D: (Cliff hanger xD) Anyway.. The Woozband sent us on a quest named Where In The World Is Zack?! And every day we had to visit a new city to find him. The city he was found in is the Egypt one. Yes he left a note and the Woozband was worried that he would turn back in to KontvonKlokz. Here's the note he left:
Poor Zack was heartbroken and left the note full of tears.
He said that there will be consequences if we look for him. What did that mean? Of course we couldn't leave him!! So after you go to all of the citys and then finish of with Egypt. You will get a new quest saying to find a city with a clue. That city is called: Everest-Nepal (Or the other way around I'm not sure xD)  Anyways. When you get to Everest-Nepal your quest will say to go into his hideout (Thrue the blue tube) And in there you will find ZackWooz! Here's some of the things he will say to you:

In that moment when Zeena came in I absolutely laughed my head of xD Because of the fact that she's still wearing the prom dress she had on for Prom 2k15 And the hole ''Blah blah blah blah goo goo ga ga'' thing ;P Anyways. Zack said farewell what do you think that means? ;o (Btw credit to QueenRosie1 for the photos I used) And I completely left out the part that Zack and Zeena are back together.
Jenny think's that Zack has been brainwashed by Zeena witch could be true. This isn't like Zack.. And the hole makeup-mya thing xD I laughed so much...
Ok moving on to Idesignz. So heres a couple of pics I got with Jay cx
Tbh I thought I got a lot more xc I must have screen shot them and not saved them D; Oh well. I got handed the mic :D -happy dance-
That's all for now!
                          Keep Calm And Princescajor!

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