Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#CoffeeTalkWithSierra: A Short History On WNS

Hi guys, Sierra here! (Yes, I know, it's been a long time since I've been here, right?)
With this Interview War going on with David and I (bleh), might as well post something here, right?
So it kinda means that I should bring back one of my old hashtags, #CoffeeTalkWithSierra!

This week's Coffee Talk will be about the amazing WNS 2015 Competition, also known as Woozworld's Next Superstar!
As this week it has been now released, we have seen some PRETTY HUGE CHANGES GOING AROUND (if you want more information on the WNS this year, check Rosie's post out!) But literally guys, maybe Woozarazzi has his crazy gossip going around that Lady Wooz and Janitor- Ahem- PRODUCER Beex are part of LIVE! Entertainment, the producing label sponsoring this year's WNS. But are we really sure they are? But we're not gonna talk about those two for today.

Instead, I know some people may ask about how WNS started out, Basically WNS comes every year, but we also know that every year, more woozens join Woozworld! So some of you woozens may be asking this, "How was WNS the other years?"
Basically every year in WNS, Woozworld uses ideas from the previous one and adds onto to them for this year, along with bringing a new prize in store!

Yes, woozens, this reporter has dug up some history on WNS! (Wow, I sound exactly like Woozarazzi... -insert pain of expression-)

WNS started around the first few years when Woozworld was ready to burst into awesomeness, and once WoozIn was released to all woozens (around 2012), Woozworld took this as an opportunity to create a WNS music video (photo reel) with WoozIn albumz and the camera tool! Woozworld soon called WNS 2012 "Band Edition". Woozens basically came up together to create a photo reel for Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, or Country! Woozens who participated in WNS were in teams. Team Country WNS Winners were the Red Hot Daisies, which involved woozens Taryn330, fashionabri24, and taytertot123. Team Rock WNS Winners were the 4EvaRockin', which involved woozens Looo0oooL, rj546q, HannahHut, and angle2011. Team Hip Hop WNS winners were Masterful Beat Demonz, which involved woozens Nikki-Ashley, BlueMangaWNS, and KenWNS! And finally, TEAM POP AND OVERALL GRAND PRIZE WINNERS were The Hot Crew, with woozens 17BiebrFever, coolkid878, and tomoh. It was a complete success.

In 2013, the Woozband soon made the WNS "Lyrics of Love Edition" and became "coaches" like in the show The Voice and woozens were to create a photo reel using lyrics from any song, just like last year's WNS! The Woozband soon chose four photo reels, one from each genre: Country, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop. Later on after the Woozband had shared the photo reels on their Wallz woozens would get to WoozUp the video they liked the most, and soon the Woozband hosted an awards show before letting know who the winner was. The WNS winner would get friendship with the entire Woozband forever, 350 wooz, and also a Woozworld plush pillow! And the WNS 2013 winner was Chanel185, who is actually a really good designer!

And now we head onto 2014, which was the year before WNS 2015! The Woozband soon began to take up celebrity singer names. Myana Grande, Jenny Swift, Maxvicci, and Jayrell Williams. Woozens were to support one of four celebrities and collect collectiblz with their supported celebrity's face on it, which the collectiblz were scattered everywhere among Woozworld! (Believe me, every few seconds Mya's face would pop up and everyone would be running to them..) Basically, every collectiblz picked up helped a Woozband get to the top of the Billboards! Woozens were also allowed to create a tour bus for the Woozband, where each Woozband member would select woozens to help them in their Tour Bus team, such as being a Manager, Stylist, President, etc. They even got an exclusive title! (Example, Myana Grande's PR Manager) But let's not forget about the quizzes the Woozband set up on each genre, they were amazing! Eventually Myana Grande (MyaWooz) won and woozens who supported her received an amazing WNS Supporting Team achievement. It was pretty awesome if you tell me!

Now we are back into the present, which is 2015. Already the Woozband has been releasing the amazing Genre Lyrics Quiz (basically, you really need to know your lyrics for these quizzes! And that I'll post the answers for them soon!) and whether becoming a solo artist like Woozvin Beexis (Calvin Harris) or a band like FourYetiDirection (One Direction), I wish you the best of luck!

And that's it for this week's Coffee Talk! Stay cute guys! x
Until next time, woozens!

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