Monday, August 10, 2015

Your Handy-Dandy Guide To WNS

wns2015_live_logoHey Spies! It's Rosie, and today I have for you a handy-dandy guide to WNS! You may have noticed (Well, I'm pretty sure everyone did..) that WNS is finally here! This year, WNS is sponsored by LIVEntertainment, Inc., Woozworld’s biggest music-movies-TV-fashion-sports-soda-and-merchandise company! They're here to choose the next big hit in Woozworld, and we the woozens are there first stop! Today, I'll be breaking it down for you step-by-step to help you be successful!

First of all.. What's WNS?!
WNS = Woozworld's Next Superstar. WNS is a yearly music-based event held in Woozworld during the last few weeks of Summer. In WNS, woozens pick a musical genre led by a Woozband to support to see which genre will come out top as the favorite. This year, we get to participate more than ever!

What do I do?
In the past, you had to do things such as collect collectiblez around Woozworld to support one genre, but this year is a little different. This year, you and/or up to five people need to select a genre and become a solo artist/band. (Up to 5 people per band) The artist/band should be based off of a real one, such as the following list Woozworld has provided to us: (Remember, they must be an artist/band in the genre that you selected)

What do I do then?
Once you have your band name/solo artist name ready, you need to submit it! Here's a simple guide of what exactly to do

Step 1) Go to the unit of the genre you like (WNS: Pop, WNS: Dance, WNS: Hip-Hop, WNS: Rock)
Step 2) Click the golden chest and type "Yes" to confirm that you will be in that genre (WARNING: YOU CAN'T CHANGE ONCE YOU HAVE CHOSEN)
Step 3) Choose a real life artist/band in your genre, and "wooz-ify" their name. (AKA: Make it Woozworld related)
Examples: (The bold words are the changed parts)
-Imagine Dragons = Imagine Yetiz  
-Fall Out Boy = Fall Out Beex
-Beyonce = BeexYonce  
See what I mean? Try to use beex, wooz, yeti, and suffix -z. They'll help!
Step 4) Click the podz with a lightbulb on it in the unit of the selected genre to enter the following:
 -Actual band name and "wooz-ified" name
 -Members of the group (Or member for the solo artists) 

Good job! You're now entered for WNS! But wait.. 
What happens now?
Well, now you have to wait! Make sure you enter this before August 14th! After that, the Woozband will choose 20 bands (5 from each category) to battle to be the best! (And by battle I don't mean a virtual pixel sword fight, lolol) I suggest you get the word out for your band, but after the deadline closes, you wouldn't want anyone taking credit for something that's not theirs ;c You should also enter the video contest to help improve your chances of being known! (Rules to the left) Best of luck to all you guys out there, but make sure to have fun with this! Music if nothing without the fun it brings, so have a blast out there!

Also, check out this link from the WoozPaper for any clarifications!

Until next time, have fun at WNS!
~xoxo Rosie

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