Friday, August 21, 2015

How to place tiles easier and quicker in unitz

Hey everyone it's Purpleskull95, and just like most of you, i know the struggle of clicking, dragging and dropping every tile from your inventory x_x So today, I'm going to tell you a trick on how to place tiles more quicker and easier in unitz, let's get started.

*This doesn't just work for tiles, it works for furniture items too!*
1. Open your unitz in edit mode
2. Open your inventory
3. Select a furniture item which has more then 1 in the quantity
4. Press shift on your keyboard (or alt and shift if you're on a mac)
5. Click the spot where you want your furniture to be
6. And that's how easy it is! No more clicking, dragging and dropping after every, single furniture piece

Here's a video of an example of me doing it, in case you're still stuck.

 I hope this tutorial helped you!
-Purry xoxo

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