Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hey My Amazing Spies !:)

                 Hey Spies Long Time No See :( I Aploligize for not being active my step mother had a baby witch is now my baby brother <3 i promise ill make time for this so sorry x( so much drama lately but yeah, if anyone would like an edit i'm here :) I'll show some of mine x) and if anyone wants to see my youtube channel newest video (also first) XD its of my inventory <3 So for today i'm just gonna show everyone what i'm working on then i'll be on topic either tomorrow or thursday but yeah enjoy!:)
I Donut know where my water mark is :C but oh well x)
XD So The new show ''Fear Of The Walking Dead'' has started last sunday so i made an edit similar to it XD it was 3 AM so its sloppy :C

This is a old edit x') Brings back memories :')
This Was For A Friend AKA: Hozie Back To School Edit <3

Well That's all for today thank you for looking at some of my edits x) what's sad is i still donut have a sign off picture :c ill be  be working on that :) Well bye my amazing spies (psst cant wait to speak back to you guys <3) xoxoxox~Sydney
OOh and if you guys have instagram, my username is YourPerfect_wzw <3 tyvm and my youtube channel is something similar to my username ill get back to you guys on that. Meanwhile, ~Syd is off <3 Bye Spies!!:D

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