Sunday, August 2, 2015

Photo Contest Winners!

Hey guy's! It's Princess, and if you didn't know this, I'm having a photo contest. Unfortunately it's over now ;c I wanted It to last a bit longer but I guess I wouldn't have time, on Wednesday my family is coming over for 2 weeks and then after that my sisters coming on holiday to visit. So I wanted to make sure I could announce the winners c: Here they are:
Most WoozUp's: 

In first place for most WooUp's we have QueenRosie1! When you come online be sure to follow me for your prize. Here's her photo:
Second place for most WoozUp's is......-Katiekat-! Here's her photo:
And in third place for most WoozUp's we have......Bleatystar-! :D Heres her photo: And to be honest you could have won most creative but the problem was you got so many WoozUp's that you ended up in the Most WoozUp's contest.
Now for the most creative ones cx 
In first place for most creative we have...... Lilycutie! :D Your photo was so unique, it looked like you was lying down next to the sand castle:
And in second place for most creative we have... AmyVVoozy! To be honest I loves both of the creative contest photos that I wanted it to be a tie D; But you came in a super close second place Amy:
They were some amazing photos am I right? :D They were all so summery!! Even yours Amy xD And for the winners, follow me on WoozWorld today for your prize C: I may not be online all day today so if you could message me if I'm not online that would be good cx (I won't be on because of having to star filming some YouTube videos) 
That's all for now!
                         Keep calm and Princescajor!

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