Sunday, August 2, 2015

EDITING TUTORIALS - How To Make A Youtube Thumbnail

okay, hi everyone! i'm anjanette (miley547y) and i'm one of the new trial bloggers. on this editing tutorial, i will be showing you how to make a real great thumbnail for youtube that really helps it pop out!


iphone apps such as phonto, picsart, superimpose, magichour, gameurvideo, etc.
any photoshop app such as gimp, but you might have to go on youtube or look up directions.

go to any resizing website and choose a background and resize it to the youtube thumbnail size. the youtube thumbnail size is 1280x720 so make sure it's the correct size! but if you mess up, you can easily just resize your picture again.

you can use apps like phonto which is available for iphone but i am not so sure about android to add in text. you can download custom fonts too on both laptop and phone using or any other trustworthy font site. but, picmonkey is good for text. i used to make my watermark out of a real cool bubble font site called they provide tumblr and pinterest boards and gif makers and everything for the coolest blog.

another great way to make your thumbnails pop is by going on google and searching stuff up like "tumblr pngs/transparents" or "aesthetic pngs". you can also search up "tumblr anime pixel" and get cute and adorable kawaii pngs. right click on them to save the picture, go to any of the sites or apps listed above (use picsart or superimpose for apps). and since they are transparent, it's very easy to place them on your thumbnail!

use any drawing app or picmonkey to draw a border underneath your png or transparent. say like i have a purple heart or something, i'd use a lilac color and color underneath the actual png and it makes it pop out lots. i also recommend drawing a little under the actual title/text on your thumbnail.

okay, that is the end! this took me so long because i had to actually go through the entire process but i've made it! if any of it is confusing, don't be afraid to ask any questions! tysm! this was anjanette and ily. also, the woozens in the example thumbnail are not me!

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