Saturday, September 19, 2015

Outfit Reviews!

Hey guys! Lauraxer here again! I just posted right now "Woozworld is Updating??". Anyways, so there is new outfits! Here's my Outfit Review:

Outift #1:
Emily Ember

Hair: 9/10
I LOVE this hair! I like how it's multi-colored and I love the colors too! But the only thing is the shape of the hair if you know what I mean..

Dress: 9/10
I also LOVE this dress! I love the style of it and the top of the dress how it's kind of lace. And I also love the bottom of the dress! It's like a butterfly! xD But It's only one color....but that's fine! I still love it!

Skirt: 2/10
Sure this skirt is to make sure there is no leggings/pants...but still! But it's very short as well as the dress so that's good! The skirt doesn't show so that's fine!

Boots/shoes: 5/10
I love the boots for the style amd the coolor! But I can't really see it clear cuz it doesn't really show with the full outfit but that's fine! I still like the boots/shoes!

Outfit #2:
Callie Ziegler

Hair: 7/10
I love this hair...but ehh, I like it...but it's more like..for Cool people if you know what I mean...but I it!

Shirt: 6.5/10
I like it! It's okay! It's plain though..but I like the bracelets or whatever those are on the arms! They're gold <3 xD

Shorts: 4/10
Uhh....where is it? I can't even see! is it under the shirt? Ohhhhhh! It is!'s TOO short...but uh, eh, I like it sorta?

Shoes: 5/10
It's fine...not my favorite. It's plain though. But's its okay.

Outfit #3:
Mario Archibald

Hair: 5/10
More techy/nerd/'s okayy.

Shirt: 7/10
I like it! But the shirt xD, what is it? But I like the vest/sweater on it!

Pants: 8.5/10
I love it! RIPPED JEANS! But how is THAT for geek people??

Shoes: 8.5/10
I love this also! This is amazinggg!!

Outfit #4:
Reginald Hastings

Hair: 4/10
This, well, it's okay..but I kinda dont like it. It's good for smart and serious people.

Shirt: 5/10
Again, it's more for smart and serious people! Maybe for the elections? xD

Pants: 5/10, it's not what I prefer..It matches with the shirt though!

Shoes: -unknown-
I CANT SEE THAT CLEARLY! Is that a sandal?????? Sorry cant see that properly so can't review it!

So that is my review on these outfits! Ugh, my hands are getting tired! Eh, whatever! I love to post for you guys!

Bye! Cya later!
xoxo, Lauraxer

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