Monday, September 21, 2015


Hey Spies! It's Rosie here to cover some of the updates for you, and provide some helpful tips when using each of them, so let's get started!

1) WoozIn
The change on this one is.. well, pretty big! It's been completely revolutionized! Here are some ways to make the most of it, and some helpful tips on using it!

TIP: On Woozin, make sure to...
Yes, unfortunately that is a weakness for some of us lazy people, but the new layout is confusing at first and it is important to understand who's posting on who's wallz to avoid confusion :P Also, use the tabs on WoozIn to help you navigate as well!

*When using activity center, note that you can only do ONE activity at a time! But you can also stay active online while this goes on, unlike the Sims if that was the first thing that came into your mind too. I suggest you:
-Save the longer activities for when you have to go to bed or log off for a long time
-Do the shorter activities as frequently as possible, and it'll really start to add up!

*Non-VIPS can get some color in their WoozIn now too, because they can choose from backgrounds to customize their's to whatever their heart desires!

*If you're like me, the app profile sometimes bothered you, but not to worry anymore! Go to your inventory and click the smiley face button next to the trash can!

*Like making unitz? Well you probably noticed this a while ago, but ALL UNITZ BACKGROUNDS ARE FOR BEEX! Hooray!

*Tired of the Hot Friends limit? Well it's gone! Now you can add a little flame behind your friend's to your heart's content.. xD

*No longer do you need to press the "Comment" button to comment, just press 'Enter on your keyboard! And, the comment area will always be open on

*No need to click the "See older posts" button anymore, it automatically loads (You may have to wait a few seconds) if you scroll down!

*Your inventory has a way of re-organizing itself! It'll put back your item into a nearby slot (From where you took it out) once you take it off! Helpful, huh? ;o