Spy Stories 1

Story 1) I was slowly crouching behind the tall boxes, hoping they wouldn't see me yet so I could have the element of surprise. That's when suddenly...
    • a tall figure, which I couldn't see clearly since he was wearing a mask, came up to me and said, "Come on little boy, you're coming with us!" He grabbed my shirt and took me to his car. I was so confused and kept asking questions. Why is this happening? Who is he? What's going on? The guy replied, "Don't worry about it, you'll be fine... hopefully." I calmed down, and held my sweater. The car stopped and we were at this house. The house I've never seen, but looked so familiar. I just went with the flow. We knocked on the door and a short.. thing .. answered the door and let us in. The guy finally took off his mask and said, "We need to ask you some questions." I said worried, "We? What do you mean we?!?" He didn't respond. He finally took me to this room and like 15 other people. They were all men in their 40s. One guy said "Sit down little boy". The voice... it sounded so familiar. What is going on? "What's your name?" the man said. "It-t-t's C-c-charlie.. sir." I responded "Ok Charlie, what did you see behind those boxes?" he asked. "There was a man and woman, just sitting, but sad." I said. He just sat there. "What did they look like?" he finally spoke. I told him what they looked like. He said something, that changed my life forever. "Charlie, those people died 20 years ago in a car crash in Iowa. I think you can see the dead. That's how you see me." -CoolyBackUp 
    • I was kidnapped, i couldn't get out, i didnt has any idea of who did capture me, if castia my ex-partner or mr.carson, the scientific that always wants me to dissappear from this world. All was dark, I listen a voice that i heard before, but i didn´t knew of who was, I tried to listen, but they did take me to a tiny closet so I couldn´t knew its plan, I only did listen the words: Die, Run and Mr.Carson, I thought at the momment Mr.Carson did planned all this and he wanted me to die before the week over. They did leave, A woman did take me out but i was trapped in a chair, I did asked her what all this was, but she didn't answered me, she only did leave, I did take out of the chair, it was easy actually, I tried to call my boss, Mr.Anderson, but there was no signal, then I did investigate the place, Nothing suspect about the plan, but I entered to the bathroom and saw a little door behind the mirror, I entered and there was, all the plan, I saw the photos and I couldn't believe it, it wasn't Castia, It wasn´t Mr.Carson, it was one of MY PARTNERS, And one of the most loyal of the agency, it was Alexander, One of my best friends, He was my partner for 5 years, I was dissapointed, then i said: NO......; After that he entered the room and the only thing he did told me is: Is the time for ME to be my own boss, get away or suffer the consequences; he did tried to fight with me, but I didnt wanted fight he is my friend!, he did leave and I couldn´t believe it, my phone was ringing, it was Castia, she did told me about the plan, i told her that i knew it, Alexander tried to kidnapped her too, but she knew before he tried it, i needed to get him! even if he is or was my friend i need to save the town. I called everyone, only 10 did follow me, Alexander and his 15 people was there, i was scared to be honest, but i needed to do this, i was with a gun, It was the worst time of my life, I told him: Please dont make me do this...; He didn't answer, He did put a gun in my face and i was waiting for his shot, he didnt shot it, he did leave and i didn´t knew anything about him again.... -Juliettelax

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