Spy Stories 2

Story 2) I reached for my grappling hook and realized it wasn't there! In it's place there was a...
  •  Tall slim man, he had the grappling hook in hand and i was in shock, after that it went black. Pitch black infact, I knew he was an enemy agent working for the other side, how I knew? His glowing blood red badge on his chest glowing in all its glory had caught my eye before I passed out. I woke up knowing it was hours past midnight, just having that feeling. I struggled to get up but i was strapped to a chair. Great I thought. Just freaking peachy. "Ah Jade Oakley," A deep voice said, as shivers ran down my spine. When he spoke it sounded very familiar. It brought back memories from my childhood, I didn't like it at all.The silhouette of a big tall man appeared. Then the lights turned on, I looked up slowly to look the man right in the face. I gasped in so much shock my jaw dropped. "F-F-Father??" I said as he shot at me with his cold grey eyes. Memories flooded trough my brain, Toughts filled my brain. He left my mother in tears... He left me in confusion. And now hes working for the enemy agency, I didn't want to see this man for the rest of my life. But I saw him just like a shark, he got anything he ever wanted he was spoiled as a kid. If he didn't get what he wanted, It was the end of the line. He had been talking while I was thinking. I wasn't listening, I didn't want too, I wasn't ever going too. I heard sirens! Cops have come, and they already had busted the door down and have the man on his knees. One cop had untied me, I was right out the door and ready to leave. I had forgotten something though. Running to my father and taking back the grappling hook. I then proceeded to whisper in his ear, "Bad guys always get caught." -Sillycoolgirl
  • I reached for my grappling hook and realized it wasn't there! In it's place there was a green slimy frog staring right at me! I screamed. Not that I was scared of the frog, I was just scared that I was going to fall. It made that frog sound (ribbit!) and then hopped away. I stood there staring at the ground. I wanted to yell for help but it was no use. I was in a museum. I was trying to find where the owner's daughter was. I heard that her father was giving her permission to take a painting home. I wanted to find out if she wanted to borrow it, or steal it. I had no permission from the museum owners to be in here. So I was sneaking into the museum looking like a robber... Just trying to find where the museum owner's daughter was! I will find this out soon... no matter what. I will determine if she is a robber, or just borrowing it! Well... I guess she has to be at home because she isn't anywhere. I guess this is the end of my mission. See ya! xD -Stylebykate
  •  fishing hook. The shut my eyes tight and let out an exasperated sigh. This was no time for stupid pranks! Time is of the essence. Lives are at stake. This is absolutely NOT funny. Sure, maybe if I wasn't on a VERY important mission, but now!? Oh man were they gonna get it... Luckily I didn't miss the day in the academy where they talked about the old fashioned tricks, ones that spies used before the academy acquired only the best gadgets and gizmos out in the spy world. I quickly felt my pockets for suction cups and after seconds of fumbling around with my equipment (which felt like eras) I realized that they weren't there, EITHER. Of course. It has to be this mission. Possibly one of the most important missions I'll ever go on as a spy. I needed to think fast and there was no time to waste. I came to the conclusion that I needed to result to plan DW-46. Spies always wear fancy clothes underneath our leather black mission suits just in case plan DW-46 ever had to take action. I strutted into the glass building with such poise it looked as if I was on the red carpet for the Oscars. I took the elevator to floor 60, the highest floor, impatiently tapping my heel against the metal floor. As soon as the elevator doors parted I was out and running. I needed to get to the ballroom before it was too late. I surreptitiously crept into the dark room only illuminated by the faint lights of the candles placed in the exact middle of every table. My heels clicked against the floor making a loud noise and I was thankful that no one had heard since Professor Miller was making his "grand speech" upon how they were going to hack secret government files, and eventually kidnap the President of the United States. As I made my way to the staircase leading up to the stage 2 burly security guards caught me creeping up the steps and came sprinting after me. -Meganisawesome3
  • a simple code for the vault i was going to break into, this time i was working for a rich-man, and somewhat philosopher named Dr. LAN. he was probably one of the richest people in the country right now. and he chose me to break into a bank vault to retrieve the stolen money. i mean, i don't usually help bad guys; but if it's for a couple hundred-thousand, why not? my job paid good and the government only accepted people who were smart, athletic, and good-looking. of course i don't really fit the good-looking part but i got the job and i'm not complaining? as i was telling you my lame life story, some came up to me from behind and cuffed me to the 2nd floor of the bank railings. "w-what?" i whisper-shouted. "i knew you were gonna come back." i heard a familiar pitched voice. shego. "shego? what? why are you here?" i asked very harshly trying to free myself of the cuffs. "well, one thing is for sure; you aren't going to rob that bank." she said chuckling while using my vault breaker to break open the vault. "i am!" she said very peppy. i mean, me & shego are actually good friends; but when it comes to missions like these none of us are considered "friends". everyone in the agency was born competitive, the more you are, the more you are worth. "ugh, whatever." i say pretending to try and shuffle out of the cuffs. "you know dancing isn't going to free you from the cuffs right?" she said as i jumped out from the railing and hit her with my foot from behind. "KIM!" she yelled out. "no, i am!" i said while cuffing her upstairs and locking her in the boss's office. - SHEGO'S POV - "KIM!" i yelled out. i heard a faint "no, i am!" from her as she threw me in this pitch black room with a bunch of book cases and an office. i smirked knowing she was horrible at keeping people hostage. "AHHH!!!" i yelled out trying to get kim's attention, and i did. - KIM'S POV - "AHHH!!!" i heard shego scream. i immediately looked back and ran up the stairs only to find shego wasn't there. all of a sudden, i felt a huge pain in my leg and arm. i realized shego escaped. i fell to the ground hitting the wall and bumped into the failing, i screamed in pain. "SHEGO!" i yelled out. i faintly saw a green blur approaching the open bank vault and stashing the money in a huge truck that all of a sudden was there. someone which i was guessing was shego uncuffed me and led me into the back of the truck and sat next to me as i fell asleep leaning against the side. -Miley547y

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