Spy Stories 3

Story 3) "It's over!" Agent Carson said. "No it's not!" I said, "I can find a way out..."
  • -BASED ON THE MOVIE TERMINATOR- all of a sudden carson was tugged away by a black-gloved hand as kale shouted his name out multiple times with no response in return. "carson..." kale breathed out while sighing. --"agent kale, john is waiting for you in the room." "oh, okay." kale muttered while walking to the boss's room. "agent green! pleasure to see you." john said while organizing a room filled of weapons and deadly explosives. "you wanted to see me sir?" kale asked. "well, agent green. we need someone to time travel in 2017." he said while quieting the last part. "t-time travel? sir, i can't!" kale said very scared. "AGENT GREEN! WE CAN STOP JUDGEMENT DAY FROM HAPPENING!" he yelled out at agent kale before having guards excuse her out the room. "no! plea-" was all agent green said before she was thrown into a room with lots of men and women in white lab coats and walking all around over machines. "agent kale? you're mission is ready." one of the people in a dirtied lab coat said while guiding kale to the teleportation machine. all of a sudden john, the boss, walked in with 2 guards holding tazer guns. "EVERYONE, PREPARE AND READY FOR AGENT C-58'S TAKEOFF!" he said while everyone made a circle surrounding the time machine. kale was gently guided inside and they took everything metal she had in her utility belt and secured her in the time machine. "GOOD LUCK AGENT!" was all john said before she started teleporting. then, kale saw a metal, bony hand cover john's mouth while a couple of robots with blades on their hands started attacking everyone. "KALE!" she saw agent carson before she got teleported into 2017. -Miley 547y 
  • "It's over!" Agent Carson said. "No it's not!" I said, "I can find a way out.." I mumbled. "Oh yeah? Wanna bet?" challenged Agent Carson. "Just yesterday, when you were on that mission to stop Her Highness Queen Victoria Marie of England from being assassinated by Black Widow, and got confused in Black Widows' basement, you had to sit and wait for Agent Blue to come back from capturing Black Widow for you. Even though there was an open doorway leading to the Widows' kitchen. So I wouldn't take that bet if I were you," she smirked as I rapidly blushed. I slouched back on the wall and defeatedly sighed. "You're right, Carson, as always. I'm not going to find a way out..because YOU'RE not an Agent!" I triumphantly said. "You're Camila Cooper, Black Widows' top henchwoman!" I raised a tranquilizer gun and shot her just as she said, "You'll never get away with this.." TWO HOURS LATER.. Well, two hours later the so-called Agent Carson was in jail, and I, Agent Blue, had been promoted to a Mission Control Leader. "Nice work, Blue," congratulated Captain Jackson. "Yup, nice work indeed," I beamed. "Nice work indeed." -Yasmeena
  • How? There's nothing no doors no windows nothing! Either way you can't escape.You really think your smater than me.Well let's see about that."He was thinking of planning to escape".the narrator said! Well you have to find the next pages to find out! THE END! - -KatieKat-
  • spy: the walls are closing in! agent carson: *looks threw pockets* all i have is this weird device i got from that clown pfft its no use *throws away* spy: *catches* this isn't a dumb device, idiot its a hacking control ;-; *walls are getting closer* agent carson: your breathing on me ;-; spy: oh my bad im sorry that my willing to live is annoying you agent carson: *mumbles* idiot spy: i heard that ;-; agent carson: lets just get dis straight i never hate you that much. spy: are u only telling me this cuz we are going to die together ;-; agent carson: since we are dying i'd like to say i liked you. spy: 0-0 can u get ur hip out of my butt 0-0 agent carson: get ur butt out of my hip .-. agent carson: this i our last moment together *kisses her* spy: 0-0 *thinks* i could tell him that i hacked it and the death walls closed but then again this is my first kiss oh the walls are coming apart D: its gonna end the kiss. agent carson: *takes lips away slowly* why are the death walls coming away? spy: *nervously laughs* i may have hacked in and made them stopp but u were kissing and i didn't want iit to stop *laughs nervously* agent carson: 0-0 spy: but, forget that u kissed me when u knew the walls where coming apart u still kissed me when u knew it was safe! u really like me! agent carson: does this make us a thing? spy: i guess so u wanna do it again? agent carson: sure 0-0 *kisses* spy: *kisses* narrator: the 2 had a lovely kiss that lasted about 7 and a half minutes and they grew old together and had 4 beautiful spy children 3 girls 1 boy and they lived a happily ever after ...................:::::::::::::the end::::::::::::::::............... -Lulufan2
  • Then everything went black. "You, with the face, GET UP!" A boot hit me hard in the chest. I groggily opened my eyes and looked around. We were in a small closet, i was tied to a chair, then i remembered the bomb, yes the bomb, i had to deactivate. As my vison cleared i saw my captator had a knife to my throught, i realized agent Carson was standing next to him, i sighed, realizing i wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. -Lope
  • Our enemy target started to look at us repeatedly I got scared that he could have noticed our faces, But I was worried for nothing. Our target was a hacker. Hacking wooz and giving it to woozens so they can get banned he had a pot of wooz you can click to collect the wooz but you immediately get banned for 11 years for hacking. We Pmed our backup just in case we needed someone supported and they need to get banned. We called the woozguides because we don't know any moderators. But the mission hasn’t got anywhere yet... -Fluttershy
  • we were dancing. That is until i caught a glimpse of who I was after. Tempest looked at with me with frightened eyes and I looked at her..hoping she wouldn't see the fear in my eyes. Not for her sake. For mine. I grabbed her hand and walked toward the couple I was after. David caught a glimpse of ME and he grabbed his date and ran out the door. I chased after him as everyone watched Tempest and I fly out the doors. We ran to the bathroom where we saw them go. I took off my cover or a tuxedo and walked back out in plain black clothes, with a black hoodie. I saw Tempest come out, the same..just the girl version. (To Be Continued c':) -xDlolxDxD
  • i saw the lights turn on as ladies in their big frilly dresses gossiped and dances with old men in suits and their hair gelled back. I was disgusted of the dancing. I dont know where i was. Why i was. WHY i was here! I held Mia close under my cover. I saw the orchestra. Me and Mia ran to the outside of the ladies toilets. "Do you need to go?" Mia shook her head. "When i lift you. Say where the exit is okay!" I lifted her perfect waist and her eyes widened when i lifted her down. "It is beautiful up there AND the exit is that way!" She pointed down the long corridor full of ladies chatting. "Hold on me" I said. I closed my eyes. I was vibrating. Mia was shivering. I zoomed across the fat dancing ladies in those poofy gowns. Everyone looked down. Mia knew i was a spy. we both are! We held hands as we exited. The lady at the desk cleared her throat. I looked... "Ummm..." We both turned invisible as i touched my phone. We stepped out. The desk lady got up. Her coffee tipped over. SHE HAD A MELTDOWN XDDD! squeeee. I spied on most of the men walking down. I saw 5 men in black suits. They had a suspicious behaviour. I had a closer look. THERE WAS A GUN IN HIS POCKET. "Mia Stay here!" I hugged her and i creeped behind the men. I took the gun "I'll take that thank you very much!" I flipped the gun. I made it disappear! (:p) "They ran away as i traumatized them with my dart gun." They both fell to the floor as i phoned the police. In just 10 minutes SHARP i saw the police dragging them away. "Thank you, young man" The friendly police man shook my hand in delight. "We'll take care of these idiots!" I saw the other cop tasering one of the men who tried running away. I smiled and soon after that, I ran to Mia. :o SHE WAS LAYING ON THE FLOOR. Did someone kill her? I ran to her and on my knees i cried out: "MIA, MIA CAN YOU HEAR ME?" I touched her flawless face. I couldnt hear her breathing! I kissed her and cried. A tear fell on her face. Then, Golden swirls appeared as Mia woke up. "Drake?" She looked at me! "MIA!" i twirled her and kissed her. "i love you!" We both said and blushed! -Demilei
  • I grabbed his hand, and held him close to me. This mission is a dream come true, but also a nightmare. We danced the night away, if only he knew the true reason I was there. I couldn't hurt him, not now. I can't hurt him because i love him. If I don't though, I'll be kicked out of the organization. I can't let that happen either, it's the family business! I knew I only had a few hours left to decide the choice that would define me for the rest of my life. To this day, I'm glad I choose him. There's just something about dancing the night away that can bring to enemy spies together for the rest of their lives. My family though appalled as they were at first, were still proud. The two organizations even started working together! He and I became that bridge, that combined to worlds. Though, will that bridge fall? -Singeratheart

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