Spy Stories 4

Story 4) I grabbed his/her hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while... 
  • I grabbed his hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while, David would try and steal back his grandmother's necklace during an auction. Him and his spy missions were getting out of hand, especially when he made his own missions! The necklace was going to be sold from a robber who broke into his grandmother's cottage and would at least get a lot of money due to it being an antique. We weren't even dating, but he insisted I'd fake being his date, and I felt like regretting it. We rushed across quickly, as he grasped my hand tightly. "Are you sure barging in and faking our names was good? I know that necklace is precious and all-" I stammered trying to walk properly in my long gown. He turned to look at me with his sky blue eyes, with a finger to his lips. "We can't let anyone know it's us!" He muttered. I put my hands on my hips as we froze in the middle of the ballroom. "We could've just put our own names, David, you didn't need to hack an online guest list and steal a nice couple's names!" I snapped as he surveyed the crowd. He groaned at me and adjusted his black tie. "This is an RSVP event, Sierra, if we told the guard our names he'd ask us to leave!" He argued as the quiet music played in the background. "You could've just break in!" I argued back, "People would already think we're fake if someone knew the couple and said they didn't look like us!" He rolled his eyes at me before realizing couples were dancing around. "Crap." He murmured looking at me. I winced when he suddenly did the unthinkable and kissed my hand, bowing quietly. "May I have this dance, madame?" David asked. I had held a crush towards David for a long time ever since he had started working at the agency. However, he seemed to like another spy named Ashley, which bothered me half the time. However, I was shocked when he had asked me if I could be his fake date to a dance. "Sierra?" He asked suddenly when I snapped back to reality, still staring at his held out hand. I took it immediately as he suddenly twirled me and waltzed to the music. "Your name is Anastasia, and I am Joshua." He whispered in my ear grinning before adding, "You look quite lovely tonight." I blushed immediately as we continued to waltz to the music, as he twirled me around now and then. "Oh, look, you're blushing." He grinned as I rested my head on his shoulder. I looked at him to see his cheeks flush in red. "Same for you." I giggled as we danced to the next song. "Do you know I loved you ever since I met you?" He soon asked. I suddenly winced. "You what?" I asked quickly. "I asked you to be my date because well, probably because I really wanted to take you on a date?" He smiled at me quietly. I was completely speechless. He loved me? As the song ended, he suddenly kissed my lips quietly before I grabbed him and kissed him back. "How about that necklace stealing, eh?" He winked as he linked my arm. "Of course, love." I winked back. Now I was the one who left him speechless. -SierraTooCool
  • He whispered in my ear, "I think Queen Amorella has taken a fancy to Sir Adam." I murmured back, "Ooh, thats not good..." "Sir Adam", real name John Knowles, was Joshua and I's Mission Leader, and he gets easily charmed upon impressionable and beautiful young women-say, one of our archenemies, Queen Amorella of Vitelliôn, and the fact that she could also enchant herself to be so incredibly beautiful that any man would do anything to impress her, even if it meant give up the secrets of the Secret Association, did not help at all. I could see from at least 10 feet away that the Queen had started to work up her charm, for "Sir Adam" was already blushing and acting very flirticious. "Do come on, Joshua, we must stop him from being Enchanted!" I said as I pulled Joshua in my wake. "Coming, coming," he mumbled, his mouth full of cake. "Oh Josh," I groaned. "Cake can wait." Two hours later, we caught the Queen. How? By telling a man what he hates ro hear the most... "She's been using you, John, and she's not who you think she is," I said calmly. John got so furious, he not only jailed the Queen, he dethroned her also. Now thats what you call dethroned love! -Yasmeena
  • spy: carson can you believe we are at the queen's national birthday ball :D Agent carson: yea, it was like last Wednesday we we kissed in the death walls hahahaa, im just surprised u didn't get pregnant hahaha S: carson ur gross 0-0 and it was last Wednesday u idiot u cute little idiot, *stares into space* AC: agent =-= we are here on a mission so no one takes the queen's crown =-= or worse.. TAKES ALL THE SHRIMP!!!!!!! S: right right, *thinks* i wonder if he'll propose today :/ Queen: thank you all for coming we would like to start this evening with our first dance, Princess Kate: with dosy doeing? Queen: *gives a dirty look to her* S: psssst carson we have to dance AC: oh ya... *starts doing the fancy dancing* S: carson look we are in the middle and people are following us ohhh this is great :') AC: spy! i see them they are slowly moving towards the crown on display! S: start moving towards it! i know what will make this dance stop!*falls* *GASPS* AC: rosie! S: psst im okay at least the dance stopped and dont call me rosie my cover name is Allison =-= Queeen: is she ok? AC: yup shes fine :) S: its just the heels no biggy *power goes out* *gasps and whispering* S: *gets night vision goggles* stop!!!!!!!! *le big fight scene* *le power comes on* *spy comes out all mangled* here's ur crown ur highness Queen: thank you very much :) how can i repay you :) u can never repay me :) cuz if i can protect all the good ppl of the world its good enough, *whispers* im part of a secret thing in canada im being payed to be with u ur highness Queen: :) S: butt i would like a new car c; and 1 million can dollars Queen: Louis! get me my check book! AC: psst queen-y i mean ur highness its time. *music plays* s: oh my this is beautiful whos getting married c: AC: *goes on 1 knee* will you marry me? s: i do :D *looks at the ring* om that ring it rlly rlly rlly big 'o' THE END. NARRATOR: THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER WITH THEIR 6 CHILDREN AND 5 DOGS AND 17 TURTLES :) -Lulufan2
  • I grabbed his hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while the target should be arriving, it shouldn't be too long now. I looked over my shoulder, to see two men in dark suits walking after us. 'What? how did they know we'd be coming?' I thought to myself. I nudged Phoenix's shoulder, and moved my eyes sideways, signalling that we were being followed. Phoenix looked at me with an amused expression. "what?" I asked. "How good are you at acting, Rosette?" He whispered. "Why?" Confusion spread across my face. "No time to explain, just go along with it. Okay?" he smiled. I hate it when he does that. "Okay..." I replied gritting my teeth. Phoenix turned towards me and bowed, Grabbing my left hand in his. "Care to dance, Milady?" He looked up at me and smiled. I looked at him with a confused expression. "just go with it" he mouthed. I nodded, and took his other hand, and off we went across to the other side of the ballroom in a waltz. Phoenix looked at me. "By the looks of things you look like you're about to vomit, care to sit down?" He said laughing. "I only look like that because I had to touch you. Don't worry though, as soon as you let go I'll be fine." I snapped. "Ouch, did it just get colder in here, or is it just me? I'm wounded dear lady, I truly am." he teased. "Well if you don't want an actual wound then I suggest you shut up." I snarled. Just then the person we had been waiting for walked in, she was beautiful. Dressed in white and gold, like a goddess. And I hated her so much it hurt. -Rosettaisawesome
  • As I was dancing in the ballroom with my mother, I noticed someone grabbing my hand.When I turned around there was no one.I thought I was just seeing things.The song finished.I went to the bathroom to fix my hair, and when I opened my bag there was a little note inside. "Meet me infront of the castle, in the garden" -Anonymous.I walked to the garden and waited 10 minutes.I was starting to think someone is just messing around with me.But when I got up off the bench another note fell."Waiting for you behind the castle, beautifull" - Anonymous. So a game he/she wants? I game he/she'll get.I went behind the castle and there was a man standing there.He was wearing a mask, cause the ball was a Masquerade Ball.I went up to him.I was literally shaking, wouldn't have you thought he was a serial killer? Erm, anyway.When he got off the mask I was shocked.It was the servant from my castle.When I looked into his eyes, I froze.It was like I was staring at an ocean.I fell in love with him.Believe in love at 50th time? Well, I do.He started getting closer and closer to me.I was still frozen from the warmt i felt around him.He got my mask off and started kissing me.But now comes the sad part...My dad came.He caught me with a servent.Do you know what that means? Means he's dead.After the ball, my dad dragged me to the scene.He didn't listen to me.1....2.....3....My lover's head was on the ground.I couldn't stand and watch that.I ran to the castle, and went into my room.I ripped my dress, packed a few things and ran away.I didn't find love for years.Though, now I have a happy life with my husband and 2 children.I promised Eric (the servent) that I would make a family.But, I will never forget him... -Minarinaviop
  • We would take action against him.As we walked through the people , that were dancing to the slow music, we made sure to keep out identities safe from them.I nodded my head at him as i started walking up the stairs.I looked around seeing no one and started moving.I entered the office room and put my USB drive in the laptop.As i was getting the information my phone rang.I slowly put it to my ear ''If you want your friend back , i'd suggest to stop what're doing and get as far away from this house as possible''.I was about to answer when the laptop beeped signaling that the information was on my USB now.As i was going to open the door , he burst in , and looked at me ''Did u get it?'' ''I-I uh yah''.We ran through the woods , when he suddenly stopped ''What happened?'' ''Give me the USB, something might happen ...'' ''This is not the USB is it?''i screamed.He took out his gun and pointed it at me ''Of course not, now give me it!'' '' No ! Were u working with those people?'' ''Yah , now hand it over!'' ''You know, you're not the only one with a plan '' i said laughing, as people that , were hiding behind the trees, came out with guns pointed at him.''It's over'' I said turning around and heading to the base.''You're as clever as i thought '' he said making me smirk. -Jollyavatar21
  • he suddenly stopped 'whats wrong?' i asked. 'nothing i just remembered something bad that happened a really long time ago.. just forget about it' he said. 'okay' i wore a beautiful long white dress that my mom gave me. jake, my boyfriend wore a black and white suit which looked very pretty and gorgeous on him i just like the way he dresses up he always know what to wear not like some people (like my brother). we both had a really good time i wish that it just never ended and lasted forever. 'Its 8:00 pm! I have to leave now my parents told me to go home at that time!' i sadly said. 'Aw well, if you leave i will leave i can drop you to your house its close to my house.' jake said. 'thanks for that i had a really good time i love you jake' i told him. 'i love you too' jake said softly. he kissed my cheek and i went inside his red Toyota car. Jake is a really good driver i like it when im in the car with him and when he drives i feel safe, he always likes to put some shawn mendes songs because he is a big fan of him well.. me too. We arrived at my house and before i got out of the car we kissed. 'goodbye see you soon honey!' Jake said' 'goodbye babe love you!' i told him. sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes i didnt edit it :P -imacrazygirl
  • a tall woman has asked us, "Are you Cooly and Rosie (the people's name are Cooly and Rosie)?" We nodded. She grabbed our hands and said, "Hurry up! Let's go, there's something important to show you!" Rosie and I just stare at each other. For a moment, we almost read each other's mind. The lady stopped at a Burger King. "Why are we here? Look, I don't have money, so I'm not buying you any burgers." I said. Rosie just stared at me weirdly. The lady said, "Ok, first of all, my name is Cappy. Second of all, just follow my lead, OK?" We agreed. We walked in. The cash register, who's name tag said "Big Daddy" welcomes us and "took our order". I don't know what Cappy said, but she took us underground somewhere. In the room, it was dark; but I heard familiar voices. The lights turned on. Rosie and I stood there shocked. Why? In that room, Poop (my mom), David (my dad), and my favorite teachers; Mrs. Sierra and Mr. WaxMooz. I asked Cappy, "What's going on?" She said, "Rosie, Cooly. We're here to talk about your report card." Oh brother. -Cooly-Backup
  • I grabbed his hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while a beautiful song went on. We danced the night away.. The next morning I woke up on the long grass, surrounded by bushes and trees. I looked around myself calling out his name, 'Jake! Where are you?'. After about twenty minutes of calling for help, I gave up. Then I had a strong feeling somebody was watching me. I waited. After a while I heard somebody walking not so far away behind me. I quickly turned around and saw an old women with a cape holding a basket full of apples. I ran as fast as I could. An old women in the middle of nowhere.. What did she want from me? I kept running. I tripped over a glass slipper. It was so beautiful, I wanted to take it with me.. But right that second I heard a girl screaming 'THAT'S MINE! LEAVE IT THEEERE!' I let go the glass slipper and continued running. I ran and ran.. I took a small break. I felt really hungry. I saw a shiny strawberry and I didn't think twice and I took it. When I was about to eat it, Everything turned dark. Then I saw four glowing eyes staring at me.. -sashaheartslol (I hope you liked my story c: My english isn't perfect, I'm slovak xD. I didn't really know how to end it, so It doesn't really end hapilly, lol c;) -sashaheartslol
  • I grabbed his hand as we walked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while fake smiling and adjusting our ugly lacy costume dresses and suits. We were having a horrible time until I saw her. Why we were here. Mrs. Rosa Telbaum. Owner of one of the rarest necklaces in the world. With diamonds and rubies galore, the reason me and Austin had to come to this fancy pigsty was because a theif was planning on taking her necklace.. I elbowed Austin, motioning to Rosa. He nodded, and we inched closer to her, trying not to be noticed. It worked for a while, until my the hem of my huge poofy dress got caught on a chair. A man tripped of it, a scowl on his face. He scurried away before I could look at him closer. I asked Austin if he saw that man but Austin shook his head. We casually stood yet a few feet away from Rosa. A while later i took a quick glance around the room. The man was talking to a lady, who started to walk towards us. She smiled politely at us (I could tell it was fake), and walked past us toward Rosa. As she reached for the necklace, I ran towards her, with Austin right behind. Gave her a kick, and she was out like a light. After I was assured the police were coming, Austin ran and I followed to the bathroom to change out of the itchy dresses and tight suits we had to wear, all to just make a kick. Sigh. The things we do to protect. -Lilacultra
  • Daniel and I were on the dance floor. We were on a mission to make sure thieves (our enemies) wouldn't get away with taking the Queen's necklace that was worth 75 million dollars. However, after 15 minutes in the ballroom, they put the spotlight on us to dance... Our cover were famous British dancers who were friends of the Queen, so if we did not dance beautifully, our cover would be blown. Unfortunately, I didn't have any dance experience and was worried that we will found as actually spies. Then, Daniel started to dance and later I found out that he actually had dance experience, so I just follow his steps. After dancing for a big, we saw a young man and lady start dancing next to us. Out of the man's pocket, I saw something sparkling and I quickly realized it was the Queen's jewels. Fortunately, the thieves did not realize we were spies, so I gave signs to Daniel that showed him the thieves were right next to us and we would take back the jewels. As Daniel spun me, I got closer to the man and lady and by in the middle of the next turn, I took the jewels. But the young man quickly noticed and took them back, but right then I kicked the necklace out of his hand... Daniel did a lift so I could quickly get the necklace. The thieves were desperate to get it back, so they just started to fight us and blew their cover. After fighting, we finally got them down and returned the necklace to the Queen. -Cutiexpiexgirl
  • I grabbed, his hand as we waked down the ballroom in our cover, in a little while, my dear friend Rosie came up to me."Hello Blea-Chan", she smiled beautifully,as for her name is Rosie."I see you've finally found a...man.". Sighing, I gave her my thanks and walked along with my man."Would you like to dance m'lady?" Pheo the charming prince said while grinning hugely at me.Gazing at his eyes, I knew I would have to refuse."So sorry dear Pheo, But I don't want to break my man's heart y'know?" " Oh"..Pheo said glancing beside me. "HIM". As he trotted off, I walked toward the dance floor, slightly confused to his reaction. "Are you ready?" I asked my man. Being the shy man he is he didn't reply so I took his hand and danced away with him, until..."Excuse me lady..." Police officer Res-Kun spat. "We do not tolerate 'men' by the name of 'Bob'." Offended I shook my head and scoffed, "What do you mean by 'men'." "-sigh-, Honey,he's a dog.." -Bleatystar-
  • Stealthy and cool. Rosie Leaped across the big black bold bridge while the thieves trotted behind. She somersaulted towards the lock of the door, she couldnt find the key. She searched every single pocket of her ninja gadget suit. She gasped and was relieved when she found her invisible button. She immediately pressed it without a thought and the thieves dropped their bags. "Where is she?" One of them scratched their head. One shrugged and kicked down the door. Rosie secretly staggered after them and until, before her eyes, She saw madam sharan. She was beautiful but wicked. She had her long tumbling blonde curls swaying behind her naturally curved back. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!" rosie yelped and covered her mouth. "Oh," She laughed "Im taking the brains and replacing them with robotic tanks to make them my army!" She smiled as the big iron door pulled up and lots of realistic children came out. Rosie screamed. "Don't worry. You will be safe.ROBOTS. GET HER!" all the robots raced and Rosie pressed the reverse button "NOOO!" Cried madam sharan. She was melting! "What the hell?" Frowned Rosie. "Ohhh--" Before she could finish the children were rubbing their heads. "YAY WOO SWAVED WUS!" a 5 year old girl hugged me. I hugged her - THREE DAYS WENT BY AND ROSIE WAS REWARDED A MEDAL! SHE WAS VISITED BY THE UK QUEEN AND US PRESIDENT! Everything was the way it was- THE END XD its rubbish isnt it? -Demilei
  • I grabbed Tracy's hand as we trotted down the disco hall. Girls were going wild as them in their crop tops and shorts and those massive pink glossy heels tapping away. of course, lots of eyeliner. "Ben? Its so noisy!" Tracy put her hoodie over her head so nobody will recognise us. My iphone gadget (With many things like invisibility, radio, Food, moves etc) Was safely hidden in my pocket. Tracy didn't know i was a spy. We sat in the corner and held hands while she hugged me. Oh, didn't i mention she was my girlfriend. I just loved her red straight hair and her beautiful glistening green eyes. I sat her on my lap whilst a boy came up. "EWW BEN AND TRACY SITTING IN A TREE K I S S I N G!" A big bully came up in the same year as i am and tracy. "Shut up, Bully Brian!" I swatted him away. "Wanna fight, eh? You ain't gonna fight if your life depended on--" Before he knew it I did a flip over Brian and kicked him and he fell. I tapped his iphone and a massive gumball goo came out and stuck in on the floor. Brian ran to me and he got stuck. The music stopped as it was so loud and everyone stared at Brian. The girls were giggling, The boys were chuckling, The teachers were cackling, The football team was snorting! Finally, I urged myself to release my power of my favourite element. I threw lots of water using his hands over Brian. Brian got up and kicked me but... I front flipped over him and grabbed Tracy. <3 <3 As they walked out everyone was staring. "Your a SPY?" Tracy squealed. hugging on to my arm. I nodded because after i explained to her she LOVED me even more <3 We finally stopped as we saw the city lights of new york! I turned around "I got another power!" I smiled down at her. "Whats that tracy looked up." I held her hips. My heart was beating! "You" I kissed her intensely under the spotlight of new york city and the next morning i woke up. I WAS IN THE PAPER! -Demilei

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