Saturday, April 4, 2015

About ..... Cooly-Backup ;)!

 About Cooly-Backup.. The Weirdest Woozen ;3;

  • My color code is JennyWooz's green :D 
  • I've been playing WoozWorld for 4 years, oh my. -The Memories-
  • The first unit I was in was a Color Gam
  • I've been on Top 10 Voted Leaderboards more than 10 times, so vote me!
  • I once traded a Deadmau5 Head (colorable) --> Moo Moos ;-; -cri-
  • One of the 10 woozens on Woozworld who won JennyWooz's Halloween Pet Race :D
  • Before my mint color code, I was wearing neon xD
  • My elephant pet is cuter than me.. *sniff*
  • This fact is completely useless!

SOOOOO ya, thank you for reading, CYA IN MY NEXT POST O3O

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