Sunday, April 5, 2015

Good, or Bad?

People tell me, they need better things in woozworld. Question: Do you think woozworld is getting better? Answers:

Eva149: Yes., i think it is yep the outfits are improving but idk about the attitude of woozens :(

Leahpatty: pictures and more eventz are good Both, Because prices are going up and  they should be going down.

CindyCraft: Yes , At least now we have a chance to win 1 wooz per day

iAmCurisosity: Yeah i think it is. Ummm well I really like the fact that they're trying to incorporate old WzW

Sarsoreeeee: nope, cuz they are making it stupider and stupider plus its boring

Well, Thats it! these are the thinking of some woozens. :)

Hope to see you next time! Bye :)!

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