Sunday, April 5, 2015

❤Outfits, Outfits, Outfits!❤

    Hey my little unicorn spies!❤
First of all, i would like to say happy Easter to all! And for those who celebrate it happy Sunday! xD. Onto the post shall we? Alright so there has been a glitch sadly in the store. Where if you buy something you cant get it. If your confused let me explain *Puts on big elephant sized glasses on* So, lets say you have an itunes card and you buy a pack of outfits it will take away the money on the itunes card but you wont get the outfit. But still i would like to review some of the outfits that a woozens have on with the outfit from store! 

Woozen name: Caraxhi
Hair: This hair is the Bunnyster collection, I like it mostly because it gives a innocent look to the whole outfit. Rate: 7/10

Top: The top is from Roybn Jumpsuit collection, Now this top gives that rocker style feel, And its great for the season of spring. Rate: 9/10

Legs: The shorts are from the WNS collection, Shorts always give off  a summer vibe and thats exactly what the shorts did in this outfit. Rate: 8/10

Feet: Finally onto the last part, These shoes are from the Bunnyster collection like the hair, I like the platforms but overall i have nothing bad to say about it. Rate: 10/10

Woozen Name: JennYoqu
Hair: The collection that is this hair is from is cutiester, The hair gives off a girly vibe of course and with the little bow its perfect for easter! 10/10

Top: This is from the cutiester collection also, Its a very relaxing look and makes the outfit feel like its cozy and warm! 7/10

Legs: This is from the Zechic, Its the pants with sweater and again gives off a relaxing feeling. 6/10

Feet: Same feet from before, Again i have nothing bad to say about it. Rate: 10/10

Thats all for today my little unicorn spies, but don't forget i will post as much as i can, Signing off till we meet once again! c;

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