Sunday, April 5, 2015

Submit YOUR Outfit + More!

Hey guys! It's Rosie, and I just want to talk about some Blog Updates!
  1. First of all, you can now submit you're outfits for Outfit of The Week!
  2. We've added a 'Our Blogging Team' page o you can get to know us a little more!
  3. We have 2 new official bloggers! Ella (xywtoh) and Lauraxer!
  4. The Extras page now accepts Fan Art!
  5. The Extras page keeps tracks of our views too!
  6. The 'Glitches + Cheats' page will SOON be having quiz answers! Thanks Laura for posting them!
  7. I have added a new cursor ;3
Also, I have a few announcements!
  1. Ella is doing a contest since we reached 1k views!
  2. I will be doing contests for 5k beex every time we get 5k views
  3. We will only be accepting 3 trial-bloggers every week- first come first serve!
  4. We will soon be hiring advertisers (I'll pay them 5k weekly)
  5. And attention all bloggers! (So far that's Ella and Laura) you need to choose you're blogging dates! Go to the 'Apply For Blogger' page and read the bottom please! <3
Also lastly, we will be taking our header pictures soon! For now, I'll be taking one picture of each of us doing a move to put into a background, later, I will find someone to help us make that into an AWESOME edit!

Cya later Spies! <3 xoxo

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