Friday, April 17, 2015

New (Trial) Blogger! xx

Hey there, Spies!
I'm Abi786 from WoozWorld and I'm the new trial blogger on WoozWorld Spies! (EEK)!

Okay, I just want to give you lovelies a little taster of what's to come in future. Ready? Okay, then, just a quick bathroom trip...
Back? Awesome! Let's go! 

Quick Facts:

  1. My name is actually Aisha - but my online name is Abi, due to my initials.
  2. I follow the religion of Islam, but I totally accept all other religions. I enjoy learning things about different faiths etc. It's quite intriguing.
  3. I adore writing stories. I have quite an imaginative mind. I also own a WattPad account where I frequently post chapters to my stories. If you want to check it out, I'll leave my username just before the sign off!
  4. I've joined WoozWorld for 5 years, technically. My elder sister and I shared an account to which we've forgotten the password and the email. How devastating.
  5. Instead of swearing, in real life, I use the names of fruits and vegetables because I'm trying to quit swearing. I'm told I swear to much (naughty Abi!).
  6. I'm the youngest of three children at (almost) 13 years old. 
  7. I own 3 cats, and whenever my cat has kittens and we have to give them away, I break down in tears. I'm the only one and my sisters tell me that I over react. (If loving some living creatures so much, you just can't let go, is over reacting, then sue me!)
  8. My favourite quote is: She smiles through a thousand tears and harbors adolescent fears. She dreams of all that she can never be; she wades in insecurity and hides herself inside me. (Mainly because it describes me, 100%.)
  9. I enjoy reading. It's one of my passions. I can ready a 250+ paged book in a matter of 3 days, or so.

Okay, so that's all about me! (Well, just about me. Full stop.)
Now, a little teaser of what's to come... that's, well, different to others.

Story Time!
Help! I'm falling for my best friend! #1

I lay down on the grassy hill, looking over in to the tennis courts where girls and guys walk around in circles, sit together, chatting, laughing, arguing, playing. I hear footsteps approach and a voice.
"Hey, Ciara," Ashton smiles, sitting next to me. I sit up and rip grass out of the ground.
"Hey, Ash."
"Don't abuse nature!" he shrieks before laughing.
 I giggle and stretch my gaze to see Tilly, my ex- best friend laughing and flirting with Michael, my (ex?) crush. Ashton notices my smile drop, the sadness in my eyes at Tilly's betrayal.
"Hey, bun. Don't be sad," he says, hugging me tightly.
"Oh, Ash! I can't believe it! After six years... she betrays me as soon as she wriggles out of our friendship."
"Cici, you're worth so much more!" he says, squeezing my arms. "He's a pathetic player, with some weird coloured hair. If I'm being 100% honest, I have no idea what you see in him."
What I see in him? I see the adorable guy who offered me some of his Cajun chicken baguette when I was sitting in the cold, alone and moneyless. I see the guy who smiles at me every morning, as though I'm a break of fresh air.
"You know what I see in him," I say in a little voice. "He... he's the reason I'm all patched up now, that I'm not hiding out on the streets because of... Paul."
Ashton drops his arms and holds his knees.
"He's not that guy anymore, Ciara. He's changed, y'know. It's all... you know with this girl, and that girl. A new girl every night," he says, shaking his head.
"I know, I know, but he's still Michael. Michael who saved me."
"You're acting like a Damsel in distress, you know," Ashton huffs, getting up. He droops down a hand, to grab me. I take it.
"Where are we going?" I ask, wondrously, as we walk down the hill.
"To do some research."

Okay, I really hope you liked that first part thingy of my story. I just made it up like, right now. Okay, I'm gonna publish it on to WattPad.
Speaking of WattPad... you can follow me and read my stories if you search:

That's all for now, Spies! xx
Stay perfect.

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