Sunday, April 5, 2015

Outfits only for vips :3

Hey guys!!!!!!! well today i will say my opinion about the new outfits :D, and yeah IM NOT VIP D,:
but well, for you guys that are or will be vips soon, ill tell you about these outfits :DD
today our model will be: MYAWOOZ :D
Well time to judge this outfit
1.Hair 7/10 actually this hair for me its tooooooo curly that for me its "poof" of course it matches the outfit but for me its not the best hair woozworld did made.
2.Top 9/10 OMG I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its really cute (and i dont like crop tops so is a miracle :p), the 9 is because it remember me to this top:

3.Shorts 8/10 I like them, they are really cute to go to a picnic, or only to walk in a normal day, they are like many shorts that woozworld made, but they are cute and well, shorts :p
4.Shoes: 5/10 Tbh I dont like this shoes, i think that they dont matches, maybe with other colors idk but by now they dont impress me :/
Well guys this had been all for today, if you did like the post dont forget to rate! well this is all for today bye my fashion unicorns ;)
                                                                 KEEP FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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