Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter! xx

Happy Easter, Spies!

It's Easter, hurray! Time to find those eggs and eat some candy. On this very special occasion, today's outfit inspiration should involve patterns. Chevron, polka dots, stripes, you name it! It'll add a special pop to your Easter outfits leaving you looking ready to find some eggs! ;)

Not into patterns? No worries! Try layering colors to make your outfit into something simply unique. Some fun colors this season (or my opinion at least) are pink, green, and pale blue! They look so natural, fresh and it's certainly something worth trying.

Have you ever just sat there and stared at your Unitz wondering: "What can I do with it? What can make it fit this season?". What are the most symbolic things for  Easter? Bunnies and eggs. That's right! Try making your Unit contain eggs and bunnies! Personally, my favorite to add to my Unit are chocolate bunnies. Seriously though, I have a chocolate Unit so why not. :P

Once again, Happy Easter! I hope this tips will help make the Easter-decorating season a little bit easier. That's it for now! 


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