Monday, April 13, 2015

Sierra's Fashion PickZ For Girls

 Hey again Spies!
Sierra here for her second trial blogger post.

I simply love Woozworld fashion, and today I will be showing you my top three fashion styles that I love wearing for girls! (Don't worry guy fashionistas, I'll show yours later!)

Outfit One: Button Me Out
Hair: Ear Tucked Hair
Top: Jewelled Crop Tee
Pants: High-Waisted Button Shorts
Shoes: Girl Werewolf Boots

I love this outfit because it seems like something you would just throw together. The shoes compliment the top, as the Ear Tucked Hair as you can see has an earring. The outfit basically involves buttons, earrings, etc. These items compliment each other!

Outfit Two: Casual Love
Hair: Stud Headband
Top: Heart Blouse
Pants: Hipster Shorts and Tights
Shoes: Ribbon Party Heels

I love this outfit because I just simply would wear things like this in any random occasion when I need to dress at the last minute, what I like about the Stud Headband is the hair covers some of your top. The Heart Blouse is a loose like top and so I added the Hipster Shorts and Tights to serve as a belt to loop it up! Finally, Ribbon Party Heels are good for a great walk around the odd virtual world!

Outfit Three: Stripes With Flair
Hair: Long Pony Tail
Top: Shoulders
Pants: Manga Skirt & Striped Socks
Shoes: Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers

I love this outfit because stripes and laces are somehow to me a great pair! Simply with a patterned top with a short skirt and matching patterned socks can compliment your woolen's outfit and make it go BOOM! Ribbon Rhinestone Sneakers just make it well worthy with the ribbon laces, simply just put on some sneakers and your good to go!

And here's my top three, until next time Spies! :)
Keep on the lookout for more fashion styles!
XOXO, Sierra
"Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust."

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