Monday, April 13, 2015

Hack or Future Update???

Well guys, as you know i did post about this guy OSXYosemite that for me is a "hacker" and he did hack mannis so you can put elephants, sadly (for me) this hack didnt dissapear yet, but remember THIS MAYBE COULD HAPPEN LIKE THE OVER 999999 CHEAT, he did sell items OVER MAX and now we can sell them over max too, for now woozworld havent confirm it yet thats why by now lets not get crazy, but i got this:
SEE!??! his face now its non hacked!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a few guys that still having his face so mods or woozguides IF YOUR WATCHING THIS AND WOOZWORLD DIDNT MAKE IT please STOP IT the filwooz people wearing his stuff still, and please comment below if filwooz did appear on wacky wednesday (i wasnt on like 2 weeks like last month) well by now this its all but ill keep posting about new of this so keep watching!
                                                      KEEP FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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